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Editorial: International Internet discussion on the significance of 100 years October Revolution

by Stefan Engel, appointee of the ICC for the theoretical seminar “100 years October Revolution” 01 January 2017


In the year 2017 we will witness the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. To commemorate this world historical event, the revolutionary world organization ICOR is preparing various activities with continual coverage on its website.

Starting in January 2017, an international Internet discussion about the significance of 100 years October Revolution shall also be initiated.

Thus, it is possible for every member organization of ICOR (International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) and of ICMLPO (International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations/International Press Correspondence) to participate in this discussion with contributions and comments on the thematic blocks.

The seminar will be guided and structured by the following thematic blocks:

  1. Lenin's analysis on the development of the imperialist world system; the character of the 1st World War, the emergence of a revolutionary world crisis at the end of the 1st World War and the analysis of the uneven development of the imperialist countries and the ingenious cognition about the Russian revolution as one of the weakest links in the chain of the imperialist countries.

  2. Lenin's strategy of the international revolution. The international counterrevolution brings the international revolution which began with the October Revolution to a standstill, because the objective and subjective prerequisites for a successful proletarian revolution did not exist in most European countries

  3. The strategy and tactics of the armed uprising; the connection between the democratic and the socialist revolution; flexibility of fighting tactics, forms of organization and slogans.

  4. The necessity of socialist building in one country in connection with the building of a communist world movement, of which the Soviet Union was the international bulwark; the importance of the Comintern.

  5. The October Revolution and the struggle against opportunism and sectarianism.

  6. The October Revolution lives. Conclusions for the revolutionary class struggle today

Rules of the Internet discussion:

1. The discussion starts on 1 January 2017.

2. The organizations of ICOR, of ICMLPO as well as other co-organizers of the theoretical seminar have the right topublish a monthly contribution with a maximum length of 2 pages in A4 (ISO format), either on the individual thematic blocks or on the overall problem.

Further organizations are cordially invited to participate in the discussion with comments of a maximum length of one page in A4 (ISO format).

3. We encourage to also comment, criticize or further elaborate on other contributions on the basis of a proletarian culture of debate as laid down in the ICOR principles.

4. The facilitator has the task to moderate the contributions. This implies to check if they comply with the rules of the ICOR culture of debate, that they do not exceed the length limit, that they really contribute to the discussion of the topic.

5. The received contributions will be numbered consecutively, so that the comments can referenced to them accordingly.

6. All contributions will remain on the website for the duration of the preparation of the seminar held in October and can also serve for the preparation of the seminar regarding content.

7. All organizations are requested to hand in their contributions not only in their native language, but also translated into English or further languages. This will allow to publish the contributions quicker, because less translation work will be necessary.

 Our translation capacities are still very limited and at this point we again urgently request the ICOR member organizations to provide more comrades for the translation work, especially for moderating the discussion about the significance of the October Revolution.

I wish for a constructive discussion, rich in content.


With revolutionary greetings,

Stefan Engel

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