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Erdoğan's preparation for a civil war increases

MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey/Kurdistan), January 12, 2018

By the 24th of December 2017, The Fascist Regime of Erdogan enacted two new statutory decrees.

Among with discharging thousands of public personnels including hundreds of academics and teachers, as well as closing several institutions and associations, 2 major fascist attacks became actualized: the single-type uniform and a legal shield for paramilitary forces.

The article imposing the single-type uniform became legalized for defendants who are accused for “attempting to undermine the Turkish Grand National Assembly or preventing it from performing its duty partially or completely, armed rebellion against the Turkish Government, assassination of and/or assault on the president, crimes against the security of the state, and crimes against the constitutional order”. Keeping in mind that hundreds of thousands of progressive democrats and revolutionaries in Turkey are being accused and prisoned by this article even because of using their basic democratic rights (criticizing government on twitter, attending democratic organizations, participating legal demonstrations, holding banners etc..), this humiliating torture for political prisoners indicates nothing other than the wish of the fascist dictatorship to violently suppress not only the prisoners but also the whole country. However, just as when Erdogan proposed this law on June 2017, the political prisoners, revolutionary parties and organizations declared once again that they will not wear single-type uniforms and together with wide resistances, those uniforms will be tore out.

The other article through which the legal shield for the paramilitary forces enacted is as follows: Individuals, regardless of whether or not they possess an official title or whether or not they are discharging official duties, who are engaged in suppressing the attempted 15 July 2016 coup, terrorist actions or other actions that are continuations of these will be subject to the first paragraph (of Article 37 which was published in November 2016).” This article gives an immunity from probes for those who actively took part in activities to push back the coup attempt on July 15. It also protects citizens who, whether they have official titles or not, helped the government to defeat anti-government activities, a coup or a public uprising from any legal investigation. However apart from giving a “special pardon” for the past actions, no matter how the government states that the term “other actions that are continuations of these” implies only the 16th of July 2017, it is absolutely clear that this 'vague' term is applied so for the future crimes of the fascist paramilitary forces of Erdogan. Because the indefinite time frame and the broad depth of its coverage in the article provide immunity for government supporters if they help security forces to push back any potential mass anti-government rally or protest in the future. That means, if you kill someone and if you tell in your testimony that he was preparing for an (illegal) activity, then you will be free.

It became in public especially after the coup attempt that the fascist chef Erdoğan has been preparing its paramilitary forces in order to violently suppress the social struggles that he couldn't manage to liquidate so far. Under the wings of Erdoğan and its politicians, those kind of militarized structures such as HÖH ( Special Movement of People) present themselves as legal institutions, calling people to join their armed movement. It seems that all fascist regulations through the state mechanisms are not enough for Erdogan to get rid of his fear of true justice, so that he chooses to release his fascist dogs against the progressive and revolutionary dynamics of the society.


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