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Fight against imperialism and Hindu fascism – build people's movements!

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


The pro-corporate and communal fascistic policies of the Hindu supremacist BJP regime led by Narendra Modi have already pushed India into an unprecedented economic recession coupled with social turmoil. Demonetization and most regressive, anti-federal GST that are super-imposed at the behest of neoliberal centers, sky-rocketing domestic prices of petroleum products consequent on the abolition of Administered Price Mechanism in them, etc. coupled with corruption have led to an unparalleled concentration of wealth with a tiny super-rich while pauperizing the workers, peasants and broad masses of the oppressed people. Most parasitic and depressive trends associated with corporate capital are manifested in India today. US imperialism, and more specifically under the Trump administration, has further succeeded to increase its neocolonial-neoliberal dictates on India under the Modi rule. Unemployment and rise in the prices of most essential goods and services indispensable for people’s sustenance that have eroded the purchasing power of the toiling people in India are reaching hitherto unknown levels. All spheres of life including culture, scientific research, education, etc. are communalized and through divisive and fascistic offensives, especially against Muslim minorities and oppressed-caste people, an atmosphere of fear, mutual hatred and suspicion is deliberately created. All democratic rights including hard-earned rights of working class are curtailed and those intellectuals, cultural activists, and even journalists as manifested in the latest assassination of Gauri Lankesh who criticize the BJP government, are eliminated by Hindutva fascist goons.

Relations with neighbouring countries especially with Pakistan in the case of which all avenues of bilateral talks no more exist are at their worst. US imperialism is instigating the Modi government as its junior partner against China which also in part has led to the Doklam issue and consequent ignominious withdrawal of Indian military from there. India’s defense spending, a major component of which is set apart for the import of weapons especially from the US is also rising. Modi regime’s communal approach to the Rohingya refugees, one of world’s most persecuted minorities today and its decision to forcibly deport them from India in the name of fighting “Islamist terrorism” is most despicable.

Against these policies, Indian peoples’ simmering discontent is strengthening in diverse forms. People are increasingly becoming conscious of the fact that Modi government’s policies are for further enriching the most corrupt financial elite, both international and Indian. Corruption has become rampant and India still ranks high in terms of the volume of black money holding in foreign tax havens. In terms of all the indices related to the number of poor people, infant mortality rate, deprived and underweight children, etc., the Indian situation is very alarming. Corporatization-enforced plunder of nature in the guise of development and elimination of even the erstwhile namesake environmental regulations have already led the country to an ecological catastrophe. Consequent on this objective situation, sustained struggles of the people for livelihood, environmental protection and democratic rights are gathering momentum. Along with the organized workers, large sections of the unorganized workforce who comprises more than 90 percent of the 480 million working age population in the country, landless poor peasants and even middle peasants, students in reputed universities and institutes of science and technology and so on are coming forward against the anti-people policies in diverse forms.

But India’s institutionalized opposition parties ranging from the Congress to CPI(M) being adherents of neoliberalism have no alternative to offer against the corporate-fascist regime. It is in this context that peoples’ resistance struggles like the Bhangar Movement in West Bengal led by CPI (ML) Red Star throw light on a meaningful challenge and political alternative to the system. It is up to the revolutionaries, all progressive and democratic sections to rise up to the occasion for taking initiative to lead such developing peoples resistance movements that are coming up in various parts of India at varying levels for evolving a people’s socialist alternative. Today, CPI (ML) Red Star is taking initiative to coordinate these struggles with all like-minded sections from the perspective of a political alternative based on a pro-people independent left assertion.

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