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ICOR call for May Day 2017: Come out for May Day – the International Day of Struggle of the Working Class!

ICOR ICC secretariat, 22 April 2017


With the inauguration of US President Trump in the 100th year of the October Revolution the masses worldwide are challenged to adopt a societal position. Since the beginning of 2017 all over the world more than 10 million people have demonstrated and gone on strike in large mass protests. In Brazil on 15 March 1 million people protested with strikes, blockades, occupations and demonstrations against an almost complete abolition of the pension system. Also 1 million male and female workers participated in the nationwide strike of the bank employees against Modi's privatization policy in India on 3 March. In Eastern Europe, for example in Armenia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Hungary, there were long-lasting broad mass protests against the ultra-reactionary governments. Also the mass demonstrations in Russia and Belarus are very impressive, where masses of youth are taking to the streets. There were partly bitter workers' struggles in China at VW for permanent employment of contract workers. 

Those in power react to this development with increased repression and different open reactionary forms of demagoguery, like social-chauvinism or social-fascism. For example in India in March, leaders of the Maruti strike were sentenced to life-long imprisonment allegedly for murder. This immediately gave rise to mass strikes, and a worldwide day of strike and protest took place on 4th/5th April. In January the Turkish government banned the strike of metal workers because of “threatening national security”.

These experiences and struggles must be coordinated on a border-crossing and group-wide level and must become a training ground for class struggle, if the workers want to defeat such a powerful opponent as imperialism! This is what we as ICOR organizations place on the agenda on May Day!

The victorious Russian October Revolution on 7 November 1917 ushered in a turning point of  world change, which still has an impact today. 100 years afterwards the main tendency in the world is the preparation of the international socialist revolution. May Day 2017 is just the right day for commemorating this world historical event! The revolutionary world organization ICOR cordially invites to the campaign “100 years October Revolution” with different activities. An international seminar will be organized by the ICOR from 27 to 29 October. The topic will be: the theoretical and practical lessons of the October Revolution. On 28 October a cultured mass event will take place, and the “November events” are being prepared energetically in St. Petersburg with international participation, also including delegation of workers.

The ICOR calls on parties and organizations worldwide for becoming a member or friend of ICOR and for strengthening themselves with this!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

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