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In Solidarity with the Workers of Iran

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


The workers, employees, teachers, hospital staff and those working in other sectors including women in Iran are not paid wages for months. And, even if paid, they are given only one fourth of the 'minimum wages' which is quite insufficient for their sustenance. Against this, protests are rising up in different parts of Iran. These protests are ruthlessly suppressed by the Islamic Republic State of Iran. People are put in prison and tortured regularly. Protesting workers are often charged as 'threats' to the security of the country.

More particularly, those who are active in these struggles are targeted and put in prison for other periods. Comrades like Sharokh Zamani are killed and others like Reza Shahabi who are engaged in hunger strikes for 50 days or for even longer periods are continued in prison by the inhuman fascist regime.


We strongly protest against this barbaric actions of the ruling regime on the workers and toiling masses of Iran!


Unite in solidarity with the struggling workers of Iran!

Long live the workers struggle!

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