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On the occasion of the centennial of the Great October Revolution

Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan(MLOA), October 25, 2017

To The International Seminar on Theoretical and Practical Lessons of the October Revolution

as a joint initiative of

The Organization of (ICOR) and the "International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations" (ICMLPO)


Dear comrades of this grand gathering!

With the revolutionary salutations to each one of the participating representatives of the Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations at that great theoretical summit and, with thanks to the the organizers for invitation, it is a pity that due to special circumstances and technical reasons we are unable to participate in that glorious and informative seminar.

The comrades are aware that the comprehensive assessment of the various aspects of the Great October Revolution as the most prodigious revolutionary phenomenon of the twentieth century, and the extraction and elucidation of the necessary struggle lessons from its achievements and its shortcomings for carrying out today's and tomorrow's democratic and socialist revolutionary tasks without divergence, is extremely of vital importance. Welcoming the comrades' attention to this outstanding and prominent campaign, we are sure and expect that this theoretical seminar will achieve this great aim.

By living and fighting in difficult conditions of occupied Afghanistan under the bloody rule of the US and NATO occupying imperialists and blood sucking indigenous reactionaries, we are not in a position to devote our efforts and dedication to accomplishing this great task by referring to the necessary resources. consequently, we leave this difficult task to you comrades to accomplish and in this letter, we simply hint at certain points and aspects of the multi-dimensional October phenomenon.

By sending this epistle, we wanted to share our approbation and admiration with you in this magnanimous revolutionary event and, indirectly, take part at the joint meeting with you, comrades.

The Great Revolution of October 1917 in Russia is the most magnificent and most influential revolutionary change that has been seen in the twentieth century. This revolution is the greatest achievement in the course of class struggle of the Russian proletariat under the guidance of revolutionary doctrine of Marxism -Leninism and the scrutiny of the Bolshevik proletarian party. Lenin described it four years after reaching this achievement of the class struggle: " The first Bolshevik revolution has wrested the first hundred million people of this earth from the clutches of imperialist war and the imperialist world".(1)

The victory of the October Revolution happened in a country as Lenin described "one of the oldest, most powerful, most outrageous and most sinister royal regimes" and "the backbone of reaction". The victorious October Revolution transformed the "Russian proletariat into the vanguard of the international revolutionary proletariat" and sent message to the proletariat and the communists of the capitalist West and peoples in the chains of oppressors of the East and the South that: " it is impossible to escape that inferno, except by a Bolshevik struggle and a Bolshevik revolution".

The October Revolution in the course of its victorious continuation, while addressing the socialist construction campaign in the economic, political, cultural, technical and ideological fields; by overcoming the conspiracy and joint aggression of the Western Imperialists and the defeated Russian reaction (the member states of ANTANT, including Britain, France and the United States And Kalchak and Denikin, "the defeated generals of Tsarist Russia"); by the brilliant achievements of a stunningly quantitatively and qualitatively with that unprecedented rate under the intellectual guidance of Marxism-Leninism, with the Bolshevik Party's leadership and relying on the  enthusiasm and creativity of the workers' and Peasants' councils and mobilization of intellectual toilers (intellectuals); fulfilled "the task to destroy the survivals of medievalism and sweep them away completely, to purge Russia of this barbarism, of this shame, and to remove this immense obstacle to all culture and progress" and despite of the "passions of the transition", step forward with the confidence of its architects to establish a socialist state and a strong and powerful revolutionary stronghold.

After the victory of the October Revolution, the Bolshevik Party, with the rejection of the Second International, called on the Third International in January 1919, and the following year, on the eve of the Second Comintern congress, Lenin issued a preliminary draft of national and colonial theses in June. The second congress of the Comintern, , including 41 delegates from Eastern and West communist parties, approved Lenin's plan and while condemning of the "long-standing tyranny of imperialist states to the peoples of the colonies and the weak peoples" and "the masses of the working people of the oppressed countries" and  emphasized and instructed on " the need for the help of all communist parties to guide the bourgeois-democratic liberation movement of the "oppressed countries" to be put into practice.

The influence of the victorious and progressive process of the Great October Revolution on the struggles of the proletariat and communists of the West, the peoples and freedom fighters of the world of the colonies of the East and the South, had a trans- continental importance. Lenin by understanding timely this "world scale liberating significance" of the October Revolution; incorporated this universal impact and inspiration on the nations of the East and West, into a series of Comintern policies and resolutions.

Playing the trumpet of the victory of the October Revolution, overcoming the internal and external enemies associated with the establishment and building of socialism; led to the militant invitation that led to the "Awakening of Asia" and the captives of the East by hearing this call and seeing this revolutionary fortress, they stood upright. In China, Mao Tse tung, while welcoming the October event, about the importance of the revolutionary theory of the pursuit of Marxism-Leninism and grasping it the oppressed people of China, and his awakening in the light of it, said:" The roar of cannon fire from the Russian October Revolution brought us Marxism-Leninism."

Yes, from the next day the victory of the October Revolution and the end of the 1st imperialist world war, the oppressed people and pro independence forces of Afghanistan, after hearing those roars, inspired by the victories of the northern people and the ongoing liberation struggles of the colonial peoples of the imperialist colonialist state of England of that day in Asia And in Africa; in 1919, after the anti-colonial confrontation with British colonialists, led by King Amanullah in the form of a national uprising, they raised independence flag with a Bourgeois- democratic agenda in Afghanistan.

"The first state to recognize this independence of Afghanistan was the young government of the Soviets led by Lenin. While recognizing this anti-colonial monarchy in Afghanistan against British Colonialism, Lenin declared obsolete all of the previous Tsarist colonial contracts with former rulers of Afghanistan. After the declaration of independence of Afghanistan on February 28, 1919, the King of Afghanistan ... first of all recognized the Russian federal Soviet state and established political relations by correspondence and exchange of political representatives. On March 27, 1919, the Soviet government officially recognized the Declaration of Independence of Afghanistan. On April 7, King Amanullah Khan sent a letter of support for the friendship of Afghanistan with the Soviet government, to Lenin as the head of the Soviet revolutionary government ... "

This king "Amanullah", is the same Afghan "Amir" as Stalin wrote in "Foundations of Leninism": " The struggle that the Emir of Afghanistan is waging for the independence of Afghanistan is objectively a revolutionary struggle, despite the monarchist views of the Emir and his associates, for it weakens, disintegrates and undermines imperialism...".

The October Revolution and the revolutionary gains achieved in infrastructure and superstructure areas along with the stronghold and solid support that this revolution had provided for the revolutions in the East and West; was not overthrown by the imperialist multilateral attacks from outside. This revolution and the revolutionary achievements in the course of its consecutive progress, after creation of objective and subjective grounds for the defeat and abduction of its revolutionary achievements, gradually deviated from the socialist positions and eventually changed its nature.

These grounds were present long before the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, held in 1956, before Stalin's death:

1. Incorrect understanding of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Comintern (after the death of Lenin) about the path of revolution and revolutionary driving force in the countries under colonial domination of the East and the South with a semi-feudal structure, and imposing this wrong line by the Comintern (Stalin) on the revolution of those countries, such as China, Spain, etc., at the cost of their defeat or wasting power and the postponement of victory;

2. Imposition of the Second world war by Western imperialists, with all its huge economic costs and human casualties, for Soviet toilers and consuming needed resources for further construction of socialism;

3. No any proletarian revolutions in Europe and North America from 1917 until the aftermath of World War II;

4. Failure to practice dialectics and Marxism-Leninism to lead and analyze political, economic and planning issues; incorrect understanding of the class struggle In socialism and the proclamation of end of classes and class struggle by Stalin in Soviet Union;

5. Loss of prominent party cadres as architects of socialism;

6. Weakening of collective leadership, and so on.

After the death of Stalin and the coming of renegade Khrushchev and the holding of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, these gradual changes in the elimination of Marxism-Leninism and dialectics led in turn to the qualitative change (change in the nature) of socialism in the Soviet Union, and the 20th congress, as a turning point, recognized the emergence of revisionism, the deviation from Marxism-Leninism, the betrayal of socialism, and the stepping on the capitalist path.

The consolidation of revisionist positions on the policies of the Party and the Soviet state at that time, and its further progress, led to "social imperialism"; social imperialism with all the five characteristic features of imperialism, which Lenin included in his book "Imperialism ....". Consequently, this revolutionary back-support of the proletariat, the toilers and the oppressed peoples in the struggle for socialism and national and social liberation; became one of the major centers of the global counter-revolution. This major counter-revolution center, from now on exported beside bureaucratic capital and weapons, counter-revolution and revisionism covered with the red mask.

Even though, Comrade Mao Tse tung and the Chinese Communist Party along with other genuine revolutionary forces, loyal to the legacy of the Great October and Marxism - Leninism, launched polemics and a major theoretical and politico - ideological struggle against the revisionism of Khrushchev and Social-Imperialism; but regrettably , this fundamental attempt was not developed and extended towards creating a new International on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse tung Thought.

The revisionist diversion from the path of the October Revolution, the revisionist evolution to social imperialism, and the loss of the achievements of Red October, had global dimensions, left a negative impact on the process of revolutionary struggles for socialism and the national and social liberation of countries in need of revolution.

As, the country and the people of Afghanistan initially received a positive impact from the victory of the October Revolution in their neighboring north, this time the country, the people, and the emerging political and revolutionary movement of Afghanistan were severely and deeply affected by revisionism and social-imperialism. Since the mid-50s of last century, Moscow's social-imperialists have been developing expansionist policies toward our country. Beside capital and weapons, they exported counter revolution (revisionist counter-revolutionary ideas and promotion of it among Afghan intellectuals). The result of this calm and creepy movement of Russian Social Imperialists southward into our country, was the military occupation of Afghanistan in December 1978.

This time, the freedom- loving people of the Afghanistan and their revolutionary forces went to encounter the occupation of Russian social-imperialism. Our organization as a forerunner of the resistance of the masses of our people, on the first day of the Russian occupation, punished the invaders and took on a revolutionary stance in that battle. Our organization was the world's first revolutionary organization that by practicing Marxism-Leninism- Mao Tse tung Thought, turned the "weapon of critique" on revisionism into the " criticism with weapon " against revisionism and social-imperialism.

With the intervention and support of the Western Imperialist States and regional reaction from the "Islamists" and Islamic fundamentalists(Mujahideen), the situation of revolutionary, national and democratic forces of our country got worse. Our organization lost a generation of founders and its prominent cadres and hundreds of members, and the revolutionary forces were marginalized.

It is worth mentioning that the Russian Social Imperialist invaders and their native revisionist operatives in the so called "People's Democratic Party" (PDPA) and their torture and death squads deliberately practiced the greatest hostility toward Afghan revolutionary Marxist-Leninists loyal to the values of the October Revolution. Under the auspices of the KGB agents, they formed special interrogation teams and tribunals to suppress, kill and bring to trial communist prisoners.

 This aggressive and occupational war of social-imperialism in Afghanistan was very expensive for our country, our people and revolutionary forces, and the harmful long term effects and consequences of this aggression are still evident:

- Two million dead (including thousands of leaders, cadres and activists of the revolutionary movement and our organization);

- About 150,000 lost (most of them political activists);

- Five million external refugees( the greatest number so far in human history);

- Two million internally displaced persons;

- About one hundred thousand disabled;

- Destruction of 80% of the rural areas;

- Destruction of all Afghanistan's economic infrastructure;

- 36 millions planted land mines(2 mines for each person of population when they left);

- Creating the grounds for empowering the Islamist type of Jihadist and Taliban fundamentalists supported by the West;

- And at the end, pave the way for the reoccupation of our country by the occupying imperialist troops of United States and NATO.

The aggressive and occupying social imperialism has plagued the oppressed people and the revolutionary forces of Afghanistan that from the time of the recent invasion of the US and NATO imperialists to our country so far( even though the struggle of the people and revolutionary forces against the current occupation in political and other forms has continued). they have not been able to mobilize and launch a popular national resistance movement against the current invaders to our fatherland.

presently, the remnant defeated revisionist agents of (PDPA) in Afghanistan have been alongside the most reactionary feudal forces and invading imperialists of USA and NATO, serving their colonial regime and betraying the oppressed people and our homeland. Some of these indigenous renegade revisionist elements living abroad, are trying to defend the past systematic crimes of their own and their Russian Social Imperialist masters on the internet.

This was the painful and tragic tale of Afghanistan's oppressed people and revolutionaries, due to the historical treason of revisionism and social-imperialism to the October Revolution; to the global revolution and the liberation of oppressed peoples; their crimes against humanity, and a series of imperialist expansionism of Russian Social-Imperialism!

In the aftermath of the historic betrayal of revisionism, the crime and defeat of social imperialism, and in the context of the extensive offensive of global imperialism on Marxism-Leninism, socialism, on the legacy of the Great October Revolution and on the destinies of the proletariat and oppressed peoples of the world; the revolutionary communists of the world, have to draw a separating line between Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse tung Thought and socialism, and all kinds of old and modern revisionism by stressing on the ideological foundations, the revolutionary political line and legacy of the October Revolution. By doing so and relying on revolutionary political - ideological line, and extracting lessons from all these positive and negative experiences, continue to strengthen the potential capacity of the revolution and applying these universal lessons creatively to the concrete conditions and revolutionary stage of each country.

With confidence that your theoretical seminar on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution will be a worthwhile and able for the accomplishment of this revolutionary joint task.

Raised will be the red banner of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse tung Thought!

Long live revolutionary legacy of October Revolution!

Long live revolutionary proletarian internationalism!

Death to revisionism, imperialism and reaction!

Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan (MLOA)


(1) V. I. Lenin: Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution October 14, 1921. Published in Pravda, No. 234 dated October 18, 1921. Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, 2nd English Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965,

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