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Resistance Against Erdogan Dictatorship

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


After the June 7th, 2015 election in which AKP lost its one party government majority due to the success of HDP, Erdogan canceled the elections and started the dirty extermination war with Suruç Massacre. In 2016, the inner war between two political islamist factions holding the state power escalated and there happened a failed coup attempt which later Erdogan called as “a wish of god”. He saw this, like “Reichstag fire”, as an opportunity to guarantee the future of the AKP government and to overcome the regime’s crisis.

With the arrest of Figen Yüksekdağ and Selahattin Demirtaş, co-presidents of HDP and other deputies of HDP, and with the fraud April 16th referendum, he usurped the long-desired system of party presidency and today it applies fascist “civil” coup politics to reach his presidency goal in 2019 elections.

He threatens the workers upholding the flag of honor and freedom, wanting a new life. He integrates with torturers, forced disappearers, slaughterers, leans his back to the most atrocious enemies not only in Turkey and North Kurdistan, but also in the whole region. They are trying to talk workers out of strikes, peasants out of preventing environmental devastation, students out of democratic autonomous universities, journalists out of using their democratic occupational rights, Alewites out of their beliefs, national communities out of living with their own identity, women out of barricading against male violence to their gender, Kurdish people out of mother-tongue education. The dictator is afraid of the Gezi movement’s spirit, the resistance of 6-8 October and the HDP’s victory in the June 7th, 2015 elections and also of the resistance of the Kurdish people in Cizre, Sur, Nusaybin and Sirnak. He is afraid of the united free willpower and resistance growing in Rojava, Syria, Turkey and the Middle East.

Workers and the oppressed did not back down silently from their struggles despite of fascist palace coup leaving its 2nd year behind and “state of emergency” OHAL and “statutory decree” KHK regime. The revolt of women against the law to legalize the dominating rape culture puts the dictatorship in its place. Vanguard forces born in their bosom of masses in various times continue to challenge fascism. Guerrilla and militia couldn't be shut down, becoming nightmares of fascist colonialist army. Anger and struggle determination of masses push the fascist regime into even a deeper impasse. They couldn't find a solution except for torturing civilian villagers, hitting them with armed drones, declaring the longest curfews in the history, setting forests on fire and carrying out a psychological war based on lies.

Banning the solidarity around Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, with two laborers' actions which practically turned out to be dead fasting, even calling their names, banning the oppressed and workers' attending to Justice Watches of HDP deputies, even putting physical obstacles around the watch points, taking men and women into custody from streets and houses just because they want peace in the country are the proofs of political and moral breakdown of the dictatorship. Thousands of laborers dismissed from their jobs just because they are Kurdish, socialist, Alewite or simply against Erdogan, are resisting against this fascist tyranny.

Even though physical isolation couldn't be broken, disorganizing and ideological surrendering plans in prisons were defeated in the past. Now, again, in prisons of this fascist regime, various bans are put forth by the dictator and his gangs, systematic cruelty and torture become their tools of political oppression and lastly single type clothing plans, desires to create “Guantanamo's” are, on their agenda. This plan is, at the same time, confessions that the fascist dictatorship couldn't even achieve its main purposes by December 19th and F-type attacks.

These examples, situations show struggle opportunities, powers, and precursors of a greater resistance. Palace junta and its bandits are stuck in the corner. There is no reason to think under the pressure of psychological war of fascist colonialist dictatorship, no reason to spread objective or subjective hopelessness. This upcoming clash times under harsh and highly sacrificing conditions require persistent and consistent antifascist unifying, creativity, sacrifice spirit and political claim from all laboring left parties, groups, circles in establishing themselves and works to mobilize our peoples' energy.

Today is the time for the united, anti-fascist struggle on the streets. Today, international solidarity is needed more than ever. The anti-fascist, democratic and revolutionary forces in the world cannot remain silent to the crimes of AKP fascism.

ICOR states its solidarity with the revolutionary and political prisoners, academicians, journalists, teachers, women, students, intellectuals, authors in Turkish jugs and calls to immediate broad solidarity actions on the occasion of imposing the single type clothing in prisons, protests in front of the Turkish embassies, protest faxes to the Turkish government and solidarity messages to the prisoners.

The 3rd World Conference of the ICOR expresses its solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan and the fighting revolutionary forces there. ICOR calls upon all its members to support these struggle in every manner possible.

In solidarity with the working class and oppressed masses of Turkey and Kurdistan!

In solidarity with the women and youth wherever they struggle against fascist dictatorship!

In solidarity with the struggle for a democratic people’s power in Turkey and all parts of Kurdistan!

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