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The lessons of the October Revolution is alive in its centenary

Ranjbaran Hezb-e Ranjbaran-e Iran (Proletarian Party of Iran), Contribution No. A03 to the „International Internet discussion on the significance of 100 years October Revolution“, 17 December 2016

1. Without a deep understanding of revolutionary theory of the working class, applying it without wavering and subjectivism, without firmly seizing the Marxist theory of dialectical materialism, without implication to the specific  conditions, its evolution in relation to practice in Russia and the degree of realization of Great October revolution, creating a deep gap in global capitalist and feudal system and the labor pole was not possible. The first lesson.

2. Without establishment of  Bolshevik revolutionary vanguard party of the working class and toilers that was routed in depth with their struggles in Russia and around the world, without a decisive ideological struggle with the deviationist views; philosophical, theoretical economic, political, organizational, methodological, and including with economism, opportunism the dissolution of separatism, blindly to follow and extremism in all of the  internal struggles against capitalist- feudal that had developed to the level of imperialist, would not have been successfull and able to fulfill Notes 1. The second lesson.

.3- Revolutionary strategy and tactics of concrete analysis of concrete conditions based on the guidance of Marxism, provides growth and intensive links of the party with the working class and it's class struggles with Bolshevik Party being involved with daily struggles. In international level, struggle against social- democratic compromise methods that betrays Marxism and become social-imperialist. This struggle led to deserve credit among worker movements around the world, "The proletariat  of all countries, unite!" Acquired the strategic slogan to be fulfilled. This is the third lesson.

4. Based on the three above-mentioned points along with participation in 1905 uprising against tsarism, by adopting the two tactical Social Democracy to overthrow feudalism and end the rule of the bourgeois in democratic revolution led by the working class and finally to organize and participate in the realization of the leadership of the proletarian revolution in 1917, when tsarist regime had exteremely weakened as a result of it's involvment in first World war to the extent that bacame the weakest  link of the imperialist and bourgeois parties - petty-bourgeois had attained the state power, Bolshevik party under the leadership of the great Lenin assesed a reasonable grounds for an uprising against the puppet government and mobilized workers against the government by organizing the workers' uprising. After the violent overthrow of the government, to strengthen the nascent working class power, continued armed struggle against the remnants of counter-revolution and October revolution with the leadership of the Bolshevik Party and participation of proletariat and toilers in this revolution, dictatorship of the proletariat became victorious against the remnants of domestic and foreign reactionary forces. This is the fourth lesson.

5. Two poles of revolution and counter-revolution confronted in world scale and this victory placed a great hope in the triumph of political power for the proletariat of other countries. But by begining of the realization of the first steps of socialist system and unfavorable conditions that were unsuccessful revolution in other countries, sabotaging and prevention in the building of socialism in terms of the theoretical, practical, military and deceitful propaganda such as fueling the bureaucracy and attribute it to the Communist Party and the proletariat state by the petty bourgeoisie and at the later phases when the Soviet Union, achieved  the shining victories, It is also at a time when the imperialist countries had undergone a great depression, planned to bring the proletariat state to it's knees and war by German fascism – Japan and ... Began. It is revealed that the Socialist country without certainty of the proletarian revolution in other countries are surrounded by the imperialist system to prevent the building of socialism in that. But however the sustainability of the Soviet Union and the defeat of fascism attacks had a big impact in the world and a new democratic revolution in China also contributed to the strengthening of socialism pole. Therefore, the plan of the certainty of a global revolution in the absence of such conditions, be provided in a few; avoiding that means nothing but pacifism, thus workers movement will sink in more economism. This is the fifth lesson.

6. After this victory, the proletariat revolution in some countries failed. For instance, uprising in Germany due to lack of valuing the importance of Communist Party, including not to banish the social - democrat party in Germany by Rosa Luxembourg that had a significant role in misgiving the workers, such as  Kautsky and Social Democratic leaders served the imperialist system during the uprising of workers and top leaders including  Rosa' misgivings towards the social democrats  captured and killed, and the workers uprising of Germany ended with defeat. But in China, the Communist Party of China for the sake of the correct diagnosis of the major conflict in China and applying revolutionary tactics and strategy on integration with the concrete conditions of China by Mao Tse -tung, in China that more than 80% of the countrymen were peasants that witnessed 10 million uprising peasants of those in the Union of the peasants  in the Hunan region against the feudal, consequently suggested by Mao to join this fight rather than Trotsky way of split in the name of working among workers by organizing the struggle of the proletariat revolution and did nothing except to surrendered to the regime of Chiang Kai-shek. But, strengthening  the armed peasants movement led by Communist Party of China in the Gingan mountains  and integration of Marxism-Leninism with the specific conditions (scientific communism) along with a long term war, the new democratic revolution led by the proletariat to gain victory, meaning  that large areas of China by peasants, those who  were thirsty for liberation from feudalism and under the leadership of working class party defeated the weak link of feudal- comprador system. This was also advanced against saboteur Trotskyism.  The sixth lesson

7. To this order, being educated by two revolutions, October Russia and China, including what was summed up by Lenin and Mao

showed that in any country, if we could  correctly determine the weak link of the internal suppress  dominated regime and imperialist aggression, meaning soluble of the major conflict in the country; by leadership of communist party  that has authority and influence among  the workers and masses could be done, when the country's rulers can not Govern, it would resulted to  the revolutionary crisis. This is the seventh lesson.

8. If today we take a note of these experiences, primarily with regard to the impact of modern revisionism, the break down of Socialist states, the legitimacy of  scientific communism theory being questioned, the dissolution of the Communist parties and the tendency to the petty bourgeois views, to divide and raise the concept of mistrust towards Communist Party in every country. Thus, in one hand establishing the communist party of each country is an urgent first step, on the other hand, unification of world communist in finding the unique view of  the specific conditions of the country and the world including the  enormous crisis of imperialist system and disclosure of the circumstances of displacement, unemployment, the dismantling of the welfare and creating an illusion towards the corrupt nature of democracy, distrust of the "middle classes" in regard of the big transnational monopoly capital, the enemy of communism and the continuation of the crisis, the imperialist system would not be able to solve these problems and to save herself, embarking barbarism. consequently a compact unity of the workers of each country with its surrounding countries for the purpose to advance the revolution in their country would become more favorable. In the absence of this situation, the crackdown by internal and global counter-revolution is  inevitable between the two has become a force of the revolution and the counter-revolution.

9. Only by uniting over these basic tips and building a strong chain against internal and the world counter-revolution that with the deepening of theoretical and practical issues in each country and the world, and by spreading the revolution, we will be able more to chain the capitalism and make the  global revolution victorious. The world counter revolution wont be overthrown by itself and at the same token it's overthrown is not possible at the snap shot. If the Socialist Revolution once again in the country or countries become victorious, it's expansion in global scale will be more favorable. Communist parties in Europe under the influence of social democracy and parliamentarism, even in the second world war they did not take a path to revolution, in spite of  the existence of objective conditions in light of resistance and struggle against fascism. The achievements in struggle against fascism were handed over to serve imperialists.

10. unity depends on the "main points of  principles and plan" and tactics of communist in the country and in the world unity of communists to mobilize and proceed the  revolution.

 Since the writing exceeded  two pages, therefore I content to this brief.

 K. Abraham – on behalf of toilers party of Iran. Due to lack of time for discussion among party members by December 23.


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