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Solidarity for Rohingya people

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


It is necessary to organize strong international solidarity and global public opinion regarding Rohingya crisis. Brutal attacks and ruthless torture is going on since three months on Rohingya people living in Rakhaine province in Myanmar. For last few years the attacks on Rohingya people is continuing but it has become an act of "Ethnic cleansing" resulting not only in killing of thousands of innocent people but also forced millions to cross border to take shelter in Bangladesh. In last three months about one million people took shelter in Bangladesh as refugees. Most of them are women and children. According to new official figures, almost 900 Rohingya have died since last three months, many women and children drowned while attempting to cross the border by boat. The reason behind to throw out Rohingya are linked with the western corporate hunger to steal the huge oil and natural gas reserve in Rakhaine province. The permanent solution to the Rohingya problem must be done by the Myanmar government itself. By accepting the truth that Rohingyas are citizens of Myanmar and in accordance with the recommendation of the committee led by former UN general secretary Kofi Anan, initiative should be taken to resolve the crisis.

CPB and other left parties are also demanding safe shelter for Rohingya refugees, keeping proper documents of their name and address, ensure food, medical treatment and other necessary facilities, increase international pressure on Myanmar to stop mass killing and destruction, increase diplomatic initiative to compel Myanmar to take back Rohingya people recognizing them as its citizens and to ensure their safety.

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