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Solidarity Resolution with the Working People of Catalonia

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


The current developments in Catalonia, Spain, reflect the imperialist character of the Spanish state, the process of its fascistization and its negation of the historical rights of the nations constituting a state with multinational features.

The process towards independence led by the Catalan bourgeoisie, climaxing in the referendum of 1 October, is a reflection of the national aspirations of the Catalan people, which have been negated for many years by Spanish nationalism striving for predominance, in a process of the continuous assimilation of the peoples and nations that are Spain.

With this process, the bourgeois Catalan class had the intention to conceal the immediate aspirations of the Catalan working people, to make it give up its struggle for its basic rights and lead it on the wrong path of a struggle under a flag that is not its own.

The most reactionary and chauvinist emotions were spread on the streets, which divided the Catalan working people and at the same time caused a confrontation with the state's security forces so that the people were used as cannon fodder for the nationalists.

Genuine self-determination of Catalonia will emerge from a broad process in which all voices will be heard, in which the historical demands of the Catalan nation will be guaranteed, and which at the same time will mean progress in regard to all historical aspirations of the Catalan working people. A process in which the bourgeoisie will be given a secondary role and the working class will be a key element in the leadership of this process.

Thus, the Catalan working people will freely decide over its future and will be able to take the path towards constructing a federal people's republic in all of Spain, a path which will lead to socialism.

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