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Solidarity with the Rojava Revolution!

Resolution of the 3rd World Conference of ICOR, November 2017


The war in Syria, the fight between the darkness of the reactionary fascism and the luminance of the revolution continues in full course. Under the leadership of YPG/YPJ fighters, the city of Raqqa, the so-called capital of ISIS since 2013, is about to be totally liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF); others are on the line to be emancipated. The daughters and the sons of the revolution keep their honorable fight for dear life, for the liberation of thousands of peoples from the ISIS cruelty.

Even though it is the Rojava revolution which has been and still continues to be the primary enemy of it from the beginning, ISIS has never been a local threat within the borders of the region. But now, the more ISIS loses its ability to hold on the territories that it extorted once, the more it finds itself in a struggle for splashing its attacks onto whole world. Even though these attacks stand as the symptoms of the last flutters of it in one aspect, just as how the late attacks in Europe showed, the threat of ISIS will keep on being a current issue in a global extent. In that sense, the solidarity with the fight against ISIS and the reactionary fascist barbarianism that it represents became an urgent duty for the progressive forces of the world more than before.

Not only with its heroic fighters alone, but together with its whole ideological and political existence, Rojava revolution keeps on standing firm in its struggle to enlighten the way to change the ill fate of Middle East.

Along with the core war that carries on in the emplacements of the region, the territories which are being cleared from the ISIS gangs at the cost of many lives and griefs, are transforming at the same time into true democratic lands in which peoples from different nations and religions become the subject of their own lives in peace.

While the bourgeois states are boosting the suppression, fascism and hate under the name of fighting ISIS in their countries, the Rojava revolution continues to be a global compass by extirpating the reactionary fascism in a real sense.

The ICOR states its solidarity with the Rojava revolution in its actual fight against the reactionary barbarian fascism and its struggle to create and defend the democratic system of the region's peoples. It calls on all anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, progressive, revolutionary and communist organizations, parties and individuals to raise the international struggle and solidarity against reactionary fascism.

Long live Rojava Revolution!

Long live the liberation struggle of the peoples!

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