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Statement on the unjust verdict against Maruti Suzuki workers

New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party, Sri Lanka, 1 April 2017
Colombo,1st April 2017
The Gurgaon District Court has delivered a life sentence on thirteen
workers of the Maruti Suzuki motor industry founded on Japan-India
big capitalist investment; a five year sentence on four more workers
and a three year sentence on yet another fourteen workers.
Since 4th March, workers across the whole of India have been
persisting in a massive campaign protesting the above verdict
delivered under the fascist Hindutva regime of Narendra Modi and
demanding the retraction of the verdict.
The workers of Sri Lanka unite with them to express their support for
the demands of the campaign.
The New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party and other left parties of
Sri Lanka are together in voicing support for freeing the Maruti
Suzuki workers and denouncing the anti-worker stand of the Narendra
Modi regime. It also notes that the ICOR organozation with 50 member
organizations worldwide, of which the NDMLP is a member, has already
offered its fullest support and cooperation the Maruti Suzuki workers.
The Party draws the attention of the public to the fact that workers
of a factory in Gurgaon belonging to the Maruti Suzuki motor industry
founded on Japan-India big capital have been struggling for trade
union rights for the past seven years. Over 6500 workers have
persisted in struggle demanding permanency for temporary employees,
guaranteed minimum wage and protesting refusal for starting a trade
union and brutal repression by the administration backed by the
Haryana State government.
The pretext that a member of the supervisory staff was killed in an
unfortunate incident was used to intimidate the workers and  further
deny trade union rights, by arresting workers in large numbers based
on false charges and taking them to court. The plea by the State
Prosecutor that the workers should be sentenced to death goes to
expose the cruel anti-worker face of the fascist Modi regime.
Hence the New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party expresses in a spirit
of working class solidarity its militant support for the series of
campaigns launched by the Maruti Suzuki workers for the release of the
workers sentenced to life imprisonment and to shorter terms of
incarceration and struggles by the workers of India who have joined
hands in the campaign.
SK Senthivel
General Secretary, New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party

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