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Visum to travel to St. Petersburg/Rusia

by Travel Team, August 2017


Dear comrades,

to travel to russia (Programme from November 5 to November 9, 2017) it is necessary that you organize this travel independently. Especially to apply for the visums needed.

Further you have indepentently to register with the Russian comrades with the registration form you can download from the website of ICOR.

The email-address of the russian comrades is:

The russian comrades will send you the official invitation needed to apply for the visum.

A visum for Russia is obligatory for the most countries in the world, except for countries in South America and some countries in the Midle East.


Following a official list of countries not needing a visum to entry the Russian Federation. Also here it is recommended to confirm at the embassy of the Russian Federation because of possible changes.


Here the countries not needing a visum for stays until 30 days:

Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Chile Ecuador Fiji Guyana Israel Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan (immigration allowed with internal passports) Colombia Cuba Macedonia Moldova Mongolia Montenegro Nicaragua Peru Serbia (for holders of biometric passports issued after 8 April 2008) South Africa South Korea Tajikistan (entry allowed with internal passports) Thailand Turkey Ukraine (entry allowed with internal passports) Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Belarus

All other countries need a visum!


The visum has to be applied for at a consulate of the Russian Federation in your country in time. Arrange a date with the consulate for the application.


Following documents are needed:

  1. A passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of departure.
  2. A biometric passport photo. (3.5, cm x 4.5 cm on white background)
  3. Proof to ensure the willingness to return (for example, pay certification)
  4. Foreign disability insurance for Russia and the corresponding travel period
  5. Invitation letter from a registered Russian tour operator (this will be provided to you by the Russian comrades after you register with them.)
  6. Official electronically completed visa application on the website


This application can only be completed online if all previously mentioned documents are available.


You must schedule a period of at least one month. Applications should be submitted no later than the end of September.


With solidarity greetings

Travel Team


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