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RIP Comrade Saeid Bayomi and message of condolences

ICOR Main coordinator, 01. August 2018


Dear comrades at all ICOR parties members and friends of ICOR,

we inform you that today 31 July our comrade Saeid Bayouni member of the central committee dead. our comrade was an example for loyalty to Marxism Leninism. He started his life child worked at furniture factories and styled Marxism Leninism since more than 45 years. He gave the communism all he had from efforts and money. He sacrificed by every thing along his revolutionary life to struggle. He sentenced to jail at 2015 at labour day demonstrations and he was insisting on the international comradely solidarity and he became more and more strong after he had been sent free from the case.

Recently despite being old and disease in both legs needed vascular surgery and hospital admission for many times he continued to struggle and work revolutionary till the last day.


Long live comrade saeid bayoumi!

Long live Marxism Leninism!


RCP Egypt, Central Committee


ICOR Main Coordintor to RCP Egypt 06.08.18


Dear comrades,

we mourn with you the death of your comrade Saeid Bayomi. We are impressed by his upright revolutionary life, his great selflessness and the contribution he has made to the development of Marxism-Leninism for your country. This is also of international importance.

You lost a member of your central committee. I wish you with all my heart that together you will be able to close the gap that the death of Saeid Bayomi has torn in your ranks. Our condolences also go to his family.

If you agree, we can publish your obituary on the ICOR website.

Warmest greetings

Monika Gaertner-Engel

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