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Statement of the General Council at its first session session of the founder comrad "Al-moncef Ayari" Ettbib

PPDS Socialist Patriotic Democratic Party, Tunis, september 8th 2018


The Socialist Patriotic Democratic Party, held its first session of the General concil, on September 1st and 2nd 2018, at its central headquarters in Tunis. After studying and evaluating the political, social and economic situation in Tunisia, the Arab world and the world. And its evaluation of the organizational situation of the party with its various structures and organizations and the situation within the Popular Front and Debates with National Democratic Groups, The General Council of the National Socialist Democratic Party:

1) It stresses the intensification of the crisis in its political, economic and social dimensions under the successive governments since January 14, 2011, with more dependence of the national sovereign decision on the colonial powers and the global looting institutions (IMF, World Bank, European Union) which has deepned because of the conflict between lobbies in the system of government and the various organs of the state and its bodies, whose causes are no longer hidden of the people, the goal to control the joints of the State to serve their narrow interests.

2) expresses its rejection of the overall measures related to the recent increases in the prices of fuel and office materials and the increase in the rate of interest in the Directorate under the high indicators of the rate of inflation and trade deficit and the systematic collapse of the value of the "dinar" compared to foreign currency, which had a disastrous impact on the purchasing power of all classes (The workers, employees, craftsmen, small traders and small farmers ...) and the closure of small enterprises and the destruction of the local industrial fabric. It salutes the struggle of the masses of our laborious people, workers, farmers, unemployed and retirees and renews its commitment to active and direct involvement in all struggles and Popular legitimate movements.

3) It renews its rejection of privatization policies and the strategy of dismantling the public sector, which everyone knows its disastrous consequences since the structural reform in 1986 and the 1995 Association Agreement, when the country lost more than 48 percent of its domestic industrial fabric, and the duty of confronting the calls of colonial experts in the energy, transport, postal sector, education, and health. The party renews its call to all national and democratic forces, national organizations, progressive associations and all other activists to launch the "National Committee for confronting Privatization and Public Sector Development".

 4) refers to what is being prepared in the backstage with the EU Expert Group in relation to the deepand extensive free trade agreement and its implications on the agricultural sector, animal production and irrigation water. These options increase the deterioration of food security, recovering memory to the period of Mustafa Khazandar and the financial commissariat. Therefore, the Party seriously raises the issue of land reform strategically and introduces the stage of reclamation of national land and distribute it fairly to small farmers and unemployed and it calls to accelerate the enactment of a law governing the cooperative sector and social solidarity economy.

5) expresses its firm position in relation to the civil state and the issue of public and individual freedoms and the issue of full and effective equality of women away from all forms of political and religious ideological exploitation of the reactionary rulling coalition of this issue, which led the country in 2012 and 2013 to the political assassinations of martyrs Comrade Shukri Belaid And Comrade Mohammed Al-Barhami after the campaigns of atonement and incitement and within the mosques and public space, and holds all authorities responsibility in the adequacy of the legal and legislative system to respond to the values of freedom and equality.

6) The party renews its adherence to the Popular Front and condemns all the systematic campaigns targeting the Front and denounces the media siege imposed on its components. It stresses that the fourth symposium of the Front should be an important station to develop its performance and radiance to express hope for the real change that our people dream for national sovereignty and justice. Social and decent life and a tool to lead the popular popular struggle to overthrow all plots against the nation and the people.

7) expresses Its greatness to the struggle of the masses of our great Palestinian people in the diaspora and in the occupied territories and the rest of the territories and in the prisons of the Zionist occupation in the battle of breaking the borders in order to drop all the projects of eliminating the Palestinian cause, especially after the declaration of Trump Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity and the adoption of "The law of the Jewish nation state " which revealed to the entire world the racist and fascist nature of the Zionist movement. In this context, the party renews its rejection of all forms of normalization and calls for action to bring down these projects and to enact a law that criminalizes all forms of normalization with the usurper entity.

8) salutes the the struggel of the masses in Iraq against the reactionary sectarian regime and declares its absolute support for all popular movements against corruption, poverty, unemployment, foreign guardianship, military imperialism, economic and political interference, and calls all national forces and progress in Tunisia and the Arab world to support and support this uprising.

9) Strongly condemns the war against Yemen, which is being fought by the Saudi-led international coalition and the crimes committed against Yemen's children, women, elders and men, which rises up to war crimes and crimes against humanity in the context of the regional struggle between the imperialist forces and their allies to re-share areas of influence and control of sources. energy.

10) salutes the victories of the Syrian people with their various patriotic components and their steadfastness against the imperialist aggression, Arab reactionary regimes and the forces of oppressive terrorism,( ISIS, Al-nusraa and other groups) and intensefies the reactionary and aggressive nature of this war in which all battles revealed the extent of the devastation and suffering it had caused, and the nature of terrorist mercenaries as tools of imperialism against the peoples and revealed the supporting sides of the agent reactionary Arab regimes.

11) considers that capitalist globalization in the world is witnessing a decline and a crisis and it is escalating day by day and it has left only wars, destruction, disasters and poverty, which increases the oppression of peoples and the domination of the minority on the wealth of people where less than 1 percent of the world's wealthy owners of multinational companies own more than 90 percent of the world's wealth and more than two billion people live below the poverty line. The frantic struggle between imperialist forces to re-divide the world's spheres of influence and control the energy resources and resources of peoples ignites wars, kills millions, displaces hundreds of millions and impoverishes all peoples, which encreases the contradiction between imperialism and its agents on the one hand and the oppressed peoples and nations on the other hand, which requires action to built an internationalist anti-imperialist front.

12) expresses its condemnation of the attempted assassination of Bolivarian President Maduro and its solidarity with the Venezuelan people in the face of the continuing war waged by American imperialism and the pro-US gang to reshape the pro-colonial regimes after Rousseff in Brazil and After Rousseff was ousted in Brazil and Lula Dasilva were imprisoned to prevent him from running for the presidency and continues to conspire against Nicaragua. As well the party expresses its solidarity with the Cuban people against the economic blockade and all forms of imperialist intervention, which is the same war waged by American and European imperialism in Tunisia and the Arab world to make the popular revolutionary tracks fail and to instal systems and agent governments to preserve their interests and subjugation of peoples.

Head of the General Council of the Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party

Genral Secretary Mohammed Al-Kahlawi

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