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To the Jiashi workers / China Shenzhen Jiashi Technology Co.

ICOR, Europe, 30 September 2018


To the
Jiashi workers / China
Shenzhen Jiashi Technology Co.

In September the ICOR Europe (the ICOR is structured according to continents) organized a seminar on the exchange of experience concerning party building with 11 organizations from 10 countries.
From this seminar we greet you colleagues at Jiashi Technology cordially and in solidarity and we continue to wish you much courage and endurance.
We have made your struggle known in many European countries. Workforces from international super monopolies like Opel-PSA, Siemens, Airbus, Daimler and the railway workers from SNCF in France have sent solidarity messages to you. Also the friends of ICOR from Portugal.
Your struggle is an encouragement for all workers in Europe and a sign for how the workers can rise and fight under most difficult conditions. Who fights, gets solidarity.
At our seminar we intensively discussed how we can mutually support each other in the building of revolutionary parties. For it is these parties which provide the struggles of the workers and people's masses with organization, certainty of victory, perspective and international coordination.
We are moved by your letter of 29 September 2018 which has shown us how important our solidarity work is for you. Thank you very much.
We greet you with the words of the aircraft manufacturers of Airbus Hamburg (Germany) who wrote to you:
“We know, that our aircrafts are operating worldwide, we are producing worldwide
and we - the Airbus workers - are an international crew. According to the ideas of Karl Marx, the workers have to unite internationally without any frontiers.”
The coordinators
Jeroen Toussaint and Joachim Griesbaum

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