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Call for rallying forces for an anti-imperialist united front

ICOR, November 2018

The signatories call:

Let us unite across borders!

Let us build an anti-imperialist united front spanning the globe!


1. Worldwide, imperialism shows its reactionary face. Wars are threatening. The exploitation of humanity and nature is brutally intensified. Mass unemployment and poverty are raging. Oppression and violence against women are part of everyday life. The natural foundations of life are endangered more and more every day. The causes of flight are increasing. Rightist to fascist governments are reflected in strengthening of rightist and fascist forces also among the masses. Destruction of the future of the youth – that is the ultimate consequence of imperialist logic.

2. In all this our opponents are highly organized! And what about us? The revolutionary, anti-imperialist forces are still very fragmented and sometimes quarrel over trivialities. That must be changed urgently if the world is not to drown in barbarism. But there are also hopeful beginnings of new unions and alliances, and growing need for cooperation.

3. The labor productivity of the workers and peasants has exploded during the last decades. The resources of humanity and nature could provide all humankind with jobs, food, education, health, and room for culture and social commitment. But this is only possible in social conditions in which humanity and nature are in the center and not, like today, maximum profit, imperialist power and rivalry.

4. Among the masses the consciousness of the unjust and exploitative societal relationships has clearly developed. The will for change is growing as well as the search for a societal alternative. What is still lacking among the broad masses is the deep clarity about the imperialist roots of the disaster. Confidence and certainty are lacking about the possibility of a society based on unity of humanity and nature, with democracy and freedom and socialist future prospects.

5. In many countries, during the last years revolutionary, anti-imperialist parties, organizations and movements have come into existence and have strengthened themselves. The wish grows to cooperate despite existing differences, and in doing so to clarify political contradictions and those regarding world outlook step by step.

6. Let us take the initiative for building an anti-imperialist united front for that:

  • which is directed against all imperialists and above all fights against US imperialism as main warmonger, superpower and enemy of all peoples!

  • which promotes the worldwide process of clarification about imperialism in order to strengthen self-confidence, the level of organization, and trust, on the national and international level;

  • which organizes and coordinates effective steps of joint struggle;

  • which lays the foundations to become a superior force to imperialism.

7. Discuss everywhere the need for this union and the need to invest resources in this.

8. Collect signatories for this call until 1 May 2019!

9. Recommend trustworthy representatives who will take initiative for the coordination of a first conference!

10. Let us celebrate a first worldwide anti-imperialist day of struggle by mutual agreement in 2020!




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Proposal for cooperation in coordinating circle for the preparation of a first meeting:








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