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Comrade Kerem Pehlivan (Demhat Günebakan) Is Immortal!

MLKP Kurdistan / Statement / 15 October 2019

During the occupation attack of the fascist Turkish colonial state, which began on 9 October on the Freedom ground of Rojava and northern Syria, our comrade Kerem Pehilvan (Demhat Günebakan) fell martyr.
Against the occupation preparations of the Turkish state against the revolution grounds of Rojava, days ago comrade Demhat took position at the border to take on duties in the defense of Serekaniye. On October 9, the colonial-fascist Turkish state began to bombard our freedom lands and our revolutionary positions with warplanes and howitzers. The Sehit Serkan Battalion was the first target of the bombing. Comrade Demhat, who was carrying out his revolutionary tasks at the border as a fighter of the Sehit Serkan Battalion, fell martyr on the first day of the attack following an assassination attempt.
After starting his revolutionary work in Istanbul in 2014, he has been trained at the Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy in the spring of 2015 and made his way to Rojava. He took on duties and responsibilities as part of the Şehit Serkan Battalion.
In the International Freedom Battalion on the Rakka front, in 2016 and 2017, he advanced the military work. In early 2017, when ISIS attacked the position of the International Freedom Battalion, he fought side by side with the comrades, who repulsed the attack and inflicted heavy casualties on the ISIS. A sacrificial resistance was made.{divide}
In 2018, comrade Demhat Gunebakan went to Afrin with determination to take over the flag of comrades who fell martyrs in the war for Afrin.
Comrade Demhat, who was stationed at the bases and positions of the front line in the occupation war of the colonial-fascist Turkish state against the free lands of Rojava and northern Syria, has fought side by side with the fighters of the Şehit Serkan Battalion and the Şehit Alişer Brigade in these foremost ranks of the war. He has the honor of being among the first martyrs of this struggle for freedom, of this honorable resistance of free human.
With his steadfastness and determination, comrade Demhat will live, as all the martyrs, in the struggle of our peoples and comrades for freedom and dignity against the attempt of the colonial-fascist Turkish state to destroy the achievements of the Revolution of Freedom and the Women's Revolution of Rojava.
Şehit Demhats comrades, the fighters of the QSD, YPG and YPJ will continue to offer the enemy their great resistance. Defending the free lands with their self-sacrifice, they inflict heavy casualties on the enemy.
We promise you and all our martyrs, to fight until the last drop of our blood, against the occupation war until our resistance of freedom and honour has liberated our soil.
The occupiers will never reach their aim! Victory belongs to dignity, freedom and resistance! We will win! We will win! We will win!

15 October 2019
MLKP Kurdistan Organization

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