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Greetings from Rojava – The Kurdish fighters are not afraid!

Friends of ICOR, Rojava, 10 October 2019


Friends of the ICOR are currently directly in the region and send warmest greetings to today's activities.


Warm greetings from Rojava, greetings to ICOR and to all who are supporting us.

The people here have got scared, some fled from their homes and left everything behind, because they were scared. The people are angry at the actions of the USA, which first supported the people here and now let them fall like that. The fighters here hold their position and are defending it until death. They hope for external and international support to stop this bombing.

Two cities have been bombed: ras el ein and til abiat. These cities are empty. All civilians have fled and only the YPG and YPJ have remained. The people are fleeing to other cities and partly sleep on the streets. The YPG has provided them with shelter.

The situation is bad. This came suddenly for the people in Rojava, because they had not believed until the end that the other countries would allow the invasion by Turkey.

The Kurdish fighters are not afraid of a war with Turkey, but Turkey has combat aircrafts that the Kurds do not have. That is a big problem. The Kurds demand a just fight and that Turkey does not fight with combat aircrafts. They are calling for the flight zone to be blocked.

The Kurdish fighters are not afraid. They have already fought the Islamic state IS and have been successful. The big problem is the war jets killing innocent people.

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