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Hands off Venezuela! Participate on 16 May 2019 – the worldwide day of solidarity of ICOR with the Venezuelan people!

ICOR Main Coordinator, 9 May 2019

On 5 March 2019 the ICOR adopted a solidarity resolution with Venezuela. In the meantime new provocations have happened, implemented by the figurehead Guaido, but controlled by the USA. The ICOR America which met in Lima/Peru in April calls on all ICOR organizations and friends of the Venezuelan people for protest actions under the slogan “Hands off Venezuela” on 16 May 2019.

Become active, plan and carry out protest actions! Report about it with photos and/or short films for the ICOR website!

The ICOR organization Golpe de Timon Venezuela is currently writing about this:

In the framework of the 3rd Regional Conference of ICOR America, which took place this year in Lima on April 13 and 14, the following agreement was reached: We will become active in the solidarity with Venezuela and have agreed to a joint day of activities of all ICOR organizations on 16 May 2019 to condemn the aggression and threats of war through the imperialist US government against the people of Venezuela.

US imperialism has dropped its mask and taken the lead in the aggression against Venezuela with the aim to overthrow the legitimate and constitutional government of Nicolás Maduro.

Since 9 March 2015, when Barack Obama signed the „extraterritorial“ decree, in which Venezuela was declared to be an "extraordinary threat for the national security and foreign policy of the USA through the situation in Venezuela", activities began to generate a crisis in Venezuela. The economic and financial blockade of the central bank of Venezuela must be emphasized. This created the conditions to rob international reserves by giving orders to the officials of the State Department and the Treasury Department of the USA to block all trading operations and so prevent access to regular purchases to import food, medicine and further consumer goods for the population.

We point out that the deterioration of the living conditions of the Venezuelan people is directly linked to the economic blockade which was implemented unitarily by the USA and supported by its allies. This measure led to a loss of about 114.302 billion dollars for Venezuela. It must be pointed out that the illegal appropriation of the Venezuelan petroleum company CITGO, which is seated in the USA, as well as of its assets is a crime. This is also underlined by the millions of dollars which are held by EUROCLEAR, money that the Bank of England has been holding back and all operative obstacles which were imposed by international shipping companies and ports, thus increasing the time and costs of fees, in order to prevent access to consumer goods. That is how this network of actions works that aims at the collapse of the Venezuelan economy.

Politically, imperialism aims at generating crises in the country through the support of the representative Juan Guaidó, who publicly declared himself as president. Since this act and through the recognition by a number of countries, much has been attempted to generate dissatisfaction in the streets. It was attempted to disrupt the national Bolivarian armed forces, to allow trucks to violently pass the Colombian and Brazilian borders with supposedly humanitarian aid. Three times massive attacks upon the electricity supply were conducted, each time causing a blackout, the first of which was the biggest and lasted five days. In spite of this, every act of sabotage and interference was defeated by civilian and military units and the Venezuelan people took to the streets to defend their sovereignty.

US imperialism is the main enemy of the Venezuelan people and, as the speaker of the Trump regime stated: “The USA will not stand idly by.“ The aggressions will continue. Likewise, the Venezuelan people have declared their active resistance – to defend their homeland, their right of self-determination, their sovereignty, their natural resources, which are actually the goal of those who consider themselves the masters of the world. They want to overthrow the political power and subordinate the people so that they can plunder its wealth.

We, the peoples of the world, stand in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and their heroic resistance. We say: END ALL AGGRESSION AGAINST VENEZUELA, NO TO WAR, and STOP THE BLOCKADE. We call up for Thursday, 16 May 2019, for a Mass Day of Solidarity with Venezuela and its Bolivarian Revolution and request that you conduct public activities, protest actions, videos, demonstrations and activities in the social networks, under the following hashtags:

#TrumpHandsOffVenezuela #TrumpManosFueraDeVenezuela

#NoBlockadeOnVenezuela #NoAlBloqueoContraVenezuela

#ICORInSolidarityWithVenezuela #ICORSolidariaConVenezuela

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