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International Bulletin Issue 194

MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey/Kurdistan), January 2019


The Erdoğan dictatorship perhaps applies to symbolism more than any other government in the history of the Turkish Republic. Erdoğan announced that they will embark on a new occupation of Northern Syria or Eastern Euphrates (of course they don't use the word Rojava) in a couple of days, at a military industry symposium on December 19 th, which is the anniversary of the prison massacre and the Maraş massacre [1]. It is about the message that Erdoğan wants to give all the revolutionaries of these lands by this announcement on such a symbolic day, in a country which now faces one of the deepest economical crises of its history.
Erdoğan is in need of writing his own story as a conquerer with this occupation for consolidation and legitimacy of his political power, but he also needs this for the persistence of the dictatorship he built through the politic-islamist ideological transformation of the state. This also provides him an ease to fend off the social or political blows which will hit at hard times in the future. He is aware of the fact that his power cannot move on the next step without social legitimacy, although throughout his 16-years-long governance, a long distance has been taken in this power accumulation. That is why he benefits from the ideological transformation, the colonialist yoke over Kurdistan which also brings racism, misogyny, hostility to nature, a language of hate and a militarized social base all along.
The war is directed against the revolutionary struggle, which is the main threat for Erdoğan's dictatorship. With its size and historical develop-ment, the Kurdish national liberation struggle comes first in these struggles. Communists, who take their place in this over 40 years-long PKK led national liberation struggle in Kurdistan as socialist patriots, participate both with armed and unarmed forms of struggle. They build the connection between the revolution in Kurdistan taking place now and the socialist revolution that will be brought off.
The politic-islamist boss Erdoğan imagines that he will occupy the whole Rojava border easily with the confidence gained during the Afrin occupation. This self-confidence leans on the jihadist gangs numbering tens of thousands and the amenity of a rope-dancer who bets the conflicts between US and Russian imperialisms. However, USA's decision to retreat their military forces from Syria and Afghan-istan and despite this decision, the ongoing relations with SDF and the speech of John Bolton, consisting that they will not let Turkey attack Kurds, decrease the chance of Turkey's bet for this imperialist conflict.
Erdoğan constantly makes propaganda that says Northern Syria are Arab majority lands. Through the activities of the intelligence agency MIT , they try to provoke Arab nationalism, as they just can't stand that peoples live in peace together. Kurdish national liberation struggle, which had started in North Kurdistan and has been spreading now over all Kurdistan, took a step forward towards transforming into a regional revolution. The advance of national liberation towards a construction of democratic revolution has become more apparent with the dynamics of Rojava revolution such as women's liberation, self-governance on the basis of equal representation of nationalities and communities, commune system, self-defense forces and so on. A ground has been created to flourish the freedom and socialism ideas in this bloody Middle East lands. What fears the four reactionary and colonialist states which share Kurdistan among each other is this democratic libertarian character of Rojava. It under-mines their foundations.
Leaning on the resisting will and self-power which were gained throughout the long years of exposure to the massacres of Assad regime, the peoples of Rojava, especially the Kurdish people, have shouldered this construction process with huge sacrifices. Also when considering the historical fact that Turkish state attacks the gainings of Kurdish people whenever possible, Rojava has still managed to protect itself from all kinds of attacks in the last 6,5 years. It started as Rojava revolution and expanded towards North and East Syria. It has achieved the participation of other nationalities to the revolution, especially the Arabic people. It resisted against the ISIS gangs, Al-Qaida and Al-Nusra in the name of FSA, and against the direct aggression of Turkish army by leaning on its own forces. It learned lessons from the resistance, undertook the task to overcome the shortcomings of the revolutionary construction through these lessons.
Erdoğan's claim to start the occupation in a couple of days was a strong one. The fascist Turkish state tried to prove the seriousness of this claim by amassing military forces to the border, then by bombarding Makhmour and Shingal. Right after Erdoğan's war declaration on December 19th, Trump announced a sudden decision of retreating from Syria. Together with this retreat decision, one could expect the start of the occupation right away, but it turned out that Turkish state didn't expect this decision either; which means that US retreat decision is not a success of Turkish diplomacy or whatsoever, but rather related with the USA policies in the region.
First of all, USA slowed down the application of this decision, stating an indefinite time limit. Secondly, US military forces transferred to a newly established military base in Iraq, which proves that USA didn't give up its military plans in this region. Trump's sudden decision was actually set on the rail after the slowing down of the retreat and after the resigns of Mattis and McGurk. Nevertheless, even its army forces were transferred to Iraq, USA military pundits, consultants of big monopolies, representatives of war industry will keep on running around in Syria anyway. Lastly, both Erdoğan and Trump talking about the joint struggle against ISIS after the retreat decision was just cover up for the real purposes. For once, ISIS has no direct contact to Turkish border right now and Turkey sees the autonomous region in between as an enemy.
Here, we can see that USA/Trump is trying to impose Turkey/Erdoğan a deal in which proposes Turkey ‘if you support my Syria-Iran policies, I will grant a permission to you for abrading the gainings of Kurdish people as much as I let you', and on the other side, it is trying to impose Kurds a threat which means ‘if you don't approach to the line similar to Barzani and if you negotiate with Assad regime without my permission, I will open the path for Turkey'. Having no other alliance in Syria except the Kurds, USA had to support the Kurds since the beginning, by following its traditional policy that "if you don't defeat, then join" after the Kobanê victory. Otherwise, USA has no reason not to prefer its NATO-ally Turkey to act together. These back-steps from the rapid retreat also show that USA is still in a compulsory situation. Arabic countries and among them, UAE and Saudi Arabia plan to bring some military forces to build a new army also by pulling some Arabic forces inside SDF. This plan will test the strength of the revolution to unify the peoples. But the statements of Arabic forces inside SDF, that underline the will to resist against Turkish state, remark that they will stand by the side of revolution.
The occupation attack to Rojava is expected to be carried out one way or another before the March 31st local elections in Turkey. As the military mobilization continues at the border zone, Turkey will take the chance whenever possible. Until that moment, each negotiation, each statement of the North and East Syria Autonomous Administration should be understood in the context of protection of people and gainings of revolution against this threat. Also, the attack to Manbij with the fast mobilization of FSA gangs was deflected by SDF leaving the outskirts of the city to Syrian army control. The gangs didn't risk a hot war directly with Syria/Russia in Manbij. Rojava autonomous administration, on the other hand, left a piece to protect the whole. And the last explosion again in Manbij in which four US officials died is also related with the Trump's retreat decision as it is the first time ISIS made an attack in the region after a while. It is possible that Turkey is trying to convince USA for the ‘safe zone' which they control together. But, this is still an immature offer for USA as there is nothing to get it from this deal other than losing their only physical contact, the Kurds, on the ground.
There is no need to explain more what Rojava means, historical facts prove themselves. Of course, this reality put some certain duties before the Middle Eastern revolutionaries.

[1] On 19 of December 2000, the army and police forces of the fascist state held a military operation against prisoners who had been protesting and resisting against the "F-type" isolation cell application in the prisons. In this operation, 28 political prisoner and revolutionary had been killed. And 19 of December, 1978 has been marked as the day of massacre in the city of Maraş, a city with a strong leftist movement, most of whom were Alevi. The massacre was carried out by the racist, nationalist Gray Wolf gangs, which were provoked and supplied by the state. It was one of the worst massacres since the Armenian genocide and Dersim massacre. Hunderds of people were killed, thousands of them were injured and forced to flee. The massacre lasted for weeks, in the end, the government declared marshall law in the city after the massacre.


What Internationalists Can Do

International Bulletin / Issue 194 / January 2019

What happened until now
After Donald Trump has announced that the US troops will withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan, Erdoğan's war preparations intensified immediately. The long-planned war of aggression against Rojava will soon begin. The revolution in Rojava is thus approaching decisive hours, because this war will be about the future of fascism and the revolution. Fascist colonialism wants to destroy the status of the Kurdish nation with this war.
The first air attacks on the Kurdish cities of Makhmour and Shingal were followed by his statements on the attack to "the East of the Euphrates" within a few days. It is clear that the fascist boss is waiting for the most suitable conditions for the attack. Ultimately the national status of the Kurds are the target by a complete occupation of Rojava. These fascist colonization plans will not go smoothly because Erdoğan's occupation plans will encounter many political interests of different regional and imperialist states. The new colonial occupation war against Rojava is directed above all against the democratic, national longings of the Kurdish people, against the whole working class and the oppressed who want a free, just, honorable and humane life in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.
But it is also directed against all people in the region and around the world who are fighting against fascism and oppression, who are defending internationalism, fighting for freedom of women and embracing the hope of a free world. Therefore, the resistance against the war of the fascist boss regime is not only a question of the peoples in northern Syria, but of all labouring people and oppressed, because it concerns all our freedom and liberation.

What internationalists can do
This resistance requires us to become a barricade against politic-islamist fascism. Equipped with the lessons of the occupation of Afrin and the insufficient preparation of its resistance, today Rojava mobilizes politically and militarily. We have to become part of the resistance all over the world and spark a spirit of mobilization. The working class and oppressed, the anti-fascist mass dynamics in Turkey are facing important challenges. They won't bow to police and prison terror, while the financial and economic crisis in the country is causing unemployment and poverty to heaven. The rising anger of the workers must lead to a determined will of fighting.
At the same time, progressive and revolutionary forces around the world have to confront the Erdoğan dictatorship and stand alongside the peoples, patriots, democrats and communists of Rojava. We do not fight under conditions we have chosen for ourselves, but which are given, so we have no choice but to learn and win. It is legitimate to use all means and forms of struggle. So what can internationalists do? Above all, spread and organize determined propaganda, silent vigils, mass protests, all forms of actions that channel the anger of the peoples outward. Creating stages in which intellectuals, artists, scientists, journalists, etc. speak out against the war of the palace. Preparing campaigns that focus on the defense of revolution in any manner. Organizing joint campaigns with different organizations, migrant organizations etc. Joining worldwide united, democratic fighting fronts to strengthen determined political attitudes, moreover form own units of action and mobilize all revolutionary, anti-fascist forces to street actions. Organizing different types of protests against representations of the Turkish state. Occupation of these representations. Targeting the bourgeois states for their cooperation with the fascist Turkish state, with the demand to end the cooperation immediately, especially the trade of arms. Collecting donations in every form for every means of struggle. Collecting also signatures to raise the consciousness of the masses and organize pressure of states and institutions. Mass activities express that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Rojava. Social media has to be used in the most effective and wide-spread way. Through this mean, also worldwide connection and coordination can be strengthened.
Women have to play a special role in the solidarity work, because women not only have to become a major part of the general political actions, but also a seperate will that defends the women's revolution in Rojava all over the world, because the achievements of women in Rojava belong to all women in the world and carry the women's freedom struggle forward.
Every solidarity of Arab peoples and their laboring-left parties has an important meaning, because against the separation attacks of the rulers, we unite!
Of course, the direct defence of the revolution by revolutionaries participating in the revolution is the most valuable form of sacrifice and revolutionary action. On the footsteps of the Internationalist Brigades in the Spanish Civil War, today we experience a historic period of new beginning internationalist revolutionary struggles.
Communists around the world have a responsibility to put this resistance at the forefront, to mobilize the most advanced sections of the masses, and to play a vanguard role. Weaponed with our proletarian internationalist spirit is and united actions we will be part of the resistance in Rojava and Northern Syria.
Rojava has strengthened the hope, morals and resistance spirit of revolutionaries worldwide. Now it is our turn to strengthen the resistance fronts in Rojava in any way.

The Attitude Of Communists In The Face Of Occupation Threat

International Bulletin / Issue 194 / January 2019

Last developments, once again proved that the military tactical relation with USA is temporary and can never be trusted, and that it can only be an indirect reserve for Rojava. The sentiment for the need of USA protection to survive, fades away among people as the belief for the self-power of people grows stronger. As the USA policy to push the PYD to the Barzani line becomes more apparent, the increasing participation of people to the revolution prevents this.
What are the actual, up-to-date goals of the long-planned occupation attack other than keeping the colonialist yoke over Kurdistan? When looking at the already-started bombardments to Shingal, Makhmour and Kandil as a part of occupation plan, one can see the up-to-date concrete goal are demoralizing military and political revolutionary centers, murdering highly qualified forces and disrupting organizational functioning. The first targets of occupation will be Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê. The reason for that is both to separate the cantons of North Syria and to isolate them from other parts of Kurdistan. And the target to take over Manbij is to prepare a basis for further occupation and to hide the Turkish states colonialist face by recruiting collaborators form Arabic and Turkmen people. In total, Turkey tries to target the weak points of Rojava revolution with an ultimate goal of destroying the whole gainings of Kurdish people.
Why could Turkey not start a quick operation despite USA retreat decision? As much as this has tactical, diplomatic reasons, it also has political reasons too, and above all there comes the resistance of Rojava peoples around their revolutionary vanguards. The determined resistance of the revolutionaries, their capacity to benefit from the direct and indirect reserves of the revolution and solidarity of peoples, the rising consciousness, self-defense and self-power standing as pure facts since the beginning. Now, Rojava is preparing for defense, digging new trenches, working to make more people subjects of the resistance and making political maneuvers including negotiating with Assad.
An attack to Rojava will not only be an attack to strangle the national democratic demands, but also be an attack against the laborers and all oppressed in Turkey and North Kurdistan who struggle for freedom, justice and an honorable life. An attack to women, youth, to the regional revolution. Thus, resisting against the occupation means resisting for freedom and emancipation of laborers and the oppressed. Being a barricade for Rojava means speeding up the collapse of Erdoğan dictatorship.
As a stronger military, political and social mobilization has been declared with the lessons of Afrin, spreading this mobilization to Turkey, North Kurdistan and to Europe is the task of the communists. Against the occupation attack, actions must be organized with a sacrificing spirit. The anger accumulated against the racist-denialist marshall law policies and against the deployed administrators to the usurped municipality positions in Turkey must be converted into an organized struggle force. Antifascist masses who didn't surrender to police attacks, court building corridors, prison dungeons and workers, who grapple with unemployment threat and poverty in this financial-economic crisis, have to unify in the struggle. The only way to defeat this occupation passes through achieving these tasks and coming together with the Rojava people, revolutionaries and communists.
With the development of MLKP's Kurdistan Organization, which expanded from Northern Kurdistan to Rojava, it has also continued its work in the construction of the revolution politically in various cities. It intensified its efforts during this occupation threat for people to embrace the revolution, organize in communes and defense, and to gain consciousness. It has played its part in the participation of people already in the resistance by joining the human shield actions at the border.
Communists have fought so far both in their own units and in the International Freedom Battalion at various war fronts against fascist gangs. They have defended the revolution with the martyrs Paramaz Kızılbaş in Mishtenur/Kobanê, Tirej Alişer, Zeynel Seyid Rıza and Özgür Avaroni in Afrin. Their angle of view has never abandoned the struggle for freedom and socialism. Today, two battalions of MLKP will take place in the defense of revolution. The FOC battalion, which constituted of fighters from Arabic people, both ties the Arabic people to Rojava and opens a direct channel for socialist propaganda.
Today, the class struggle in Turkey and North Kurdistan needs the undertaking of multiple tasks simultaneously. We must expand our angle of view, solidify our practical and mental determination, increase our quality of planning and creative strength. No matter how hard the circumstances will be, there is no other option than learning and succeeding. Our unpostponable tasks concretize in the national liberation in Kurdistan, in the women's strike on March 8th, in the growing workers resistances against economic crisis and in the political-military actions in the metropolises of Turkey. Communists raise their own quality to play their vanguard role in this freedom struggle, concentrating on political activities in every city, every cell of society. Communists will renew themselves while fighting at the forefronts with a guerrilla attitude.

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