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Rebellion against the imperialist EU is justified! Long live international solidarity! Strengthen the ICOR!

European Continental Committee, Declaration of ICOR Europe* for the European elections from May 23rd to May 29th, 2019


Europe is in motion! In almost all countries mass demonstrations, workers' strikes and youth protests are taking place. Mass protests are directed against corrupt governments, a rightward development of governments and bourgeois parties, inhumane refugee policies, against criminal environmental policies, against the deprivation of rights and the deterioration of the social situation, against increased military armament.

In many of these struggles ICOR organizations are active and stand for a radical left and revolutionary alternative to capitalism and the imperialist EU block. The ICOR organizations and parties in Europe will use the European elections in May 2019 to take this left alternative and the protest against the imperialist EU-policy onto the streets. We call for discussing and building up a broad anti-fascist, anti-imperialist united front in all countries and for resolutely resisting all imperialist warmongering.

Macron, Merkel, Junker, etc., try to make their policy appear peaceful, humane, social, democratic and ecological. But the European Union is not a progressive alternative to the ultra right-wing policy of all imperialists and to the USA as main warmonger and imperialist superpower. The EU is a coalition of exploiters, giving mutual support, of great imperialist states and dependent capitalist countries, but which profit from the exploitation through the EU. The EU is an instrument to redivide the world, which does not shy away from crimes and war! Big monopoly groups such as Volkswagen, Total, Orano-Areva, Airbus, Rheinmetall-Borsig determine the EU agenda, as well as that of the national states. The idea that the EU could be transformed into a „peaceful, democratic and worker-friendly“ alliance while retaining capitalism is a reformist and revisionist illusion.

The European Union – that means growing exploitation! The EU is a machinery which is responsible for poverty for the working people, the dismantling of workers' rights, flexibilization of working hours and privatization of public services! 18 million people in the EU are officially unemployed, in Greece 20.1 %, in Spain almost 16 % and almost 3.4 million youth under 25 are in search of a job.

The ICOR fights against the destruction of social rights and against the ever increasing exploitation of workers. For jobs and social rights!

The European Union – an angel of peace? With the founding of the military alliance PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) by 23 EU countries, a regular increase in military expenditures was agreed. Armaments and multinational armed forces such as Eurocorps with 60 000 armed forces were further developed and maneuvers were conducted abroad in Asia and Africa. However, in all European countries there are demonstrations against militarism, chauvinism and war. It is the masses who have learned lessons from two world wars – they are the decisive power for peace.

The ICOR stands for the resolute struggle against every imperialist war policy!

The European Union – protagonist of environmental policy? As an important capitalist economic power, the EU is one of the mainly responsible forces for an accelerated development towards a worldwide environmental catastrophe. In Europe lethal pesticides are still allowed, nuclear energy is used on a large scale. Toxic waste, pollution of soil, air and water, CO2 emissions continue to increase. Struggles against this environmental destruction are increasing. In many countries the fridayforfuture movement is strengthening.

Worldwide active resistance against the attacks of the imperialist rulers of the world upon humankind and nature! Saving the natural environment from profit economy requires the revolutionary overcoming of imperialism/capitalism with the perspective of a liberated socialist society.

The policies of the European Union are becoming more reactionary every day and the state apparatuses are being fascisized. The European police are tracking down progressive people and revolutionaries, struggles of workers are being criminalized. Through its reactionary bourgeois refugee policy, the Mediterranean Sea has become a mass graveyard. The ICOR Europe upholds the right to flee. For the defense of democratic rights and liberties! Solidarity with revolutionary liberation struggles, solidarity with the Kurdish and Palestinian liberation struggles!

With the rightward development of more and more governments in Europe, ultra-reactionary forces are appearing on the political stage, allowing the development of fascist or neo-fascist organizations. These claim to be opponents of Europe. But they spread racism and nationalism, defend capitalism and conceal the imperialist nature of the EU.

Stop the rightward development of the European governments!

The EU crisis is deepening with the Brexit of Great Britain and harbingers of the next world economic and financial crisis. The ruling powers will always attempt to shift the burdens of the crisis to the workers and masses. Our answer is: Together and united in the ICOR we will increase our efforts for the practical cooperation, coordination and revolutionization of the struggles.

Workers of all countries, unite!

Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

For the preparation of the international socialist revolution with the goal of establishing a free league of socialist states of the world.


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Strengthen the revolutionary parties in Europe -

Long live international solidarity!

* issued by the European Continental Committee

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