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Statement of solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Against the failed coup attempt

PPDS Parti Patriotique Démocratique Socialiste (Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party), Tunisia 25/01/2019


The Patriotic Democratic Socialist party (PPDS) in Tunisia follows with great concern the faield coup attempt in Venezuela When the Venezuelan representative of the Comprador bourgeoisie, Juan Guadillo, head of the parliament, declared himself president after a gathering with his supporters , turning over President Nicolas Maduro, who was elected by the Venezuelan people by a majority of more than 70 percent in free and fair elections. After that the United States and the leaders of the right-wing governments of Brazil, Chile and some of the other puppet governments in the region were quick to recognize Guido as president ,in flagrant interference in the internal affairs of an independent and sovereign State and in flagrant defiance of the will and choice of the Venezuelan people for their democratically elected institutions.

The PPDS Tunisia:

1) Expresses its condemnation of this failed coup attempt and salutes the great Venezuelan people for their strong willing to defend national sovereignty and their democratic choice in an epic that we recalled in 2002 when a military coup failed and Hugo Chavez was re-elected.

2) It considers this coup attempt, supported by the world imperialism , especially the American Imperialism an interference in an internal affairs of an independent and sovereign state, This is an imperialist plan aimed at national governments and regimes that have chosen the path of national struggle and adherence to their national sovereignty. And supported Palestine and boycotted the Zionist entity, which is part of a series of coups in the region, including the coup in Brazil, which overthrew the democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff, which was later paved for the arrival of Bolsonaro the leader of right wing in Brazil and agent of The United States of America and global imperialism, as well as the continuing coup attempts against Nicaragua, Bolivia and other countries.

3) Confirms that This failed coup attempt exposes the lies of American and European imperialism revolving around the illusion of bourgeois democracy, respect for human rights, and free and fair elections, which have always justified their flagrant interference in the colonization of peoples and the change of ruling regimes, and that global imperialism and its financial institutions won't stop making war, coups and political assassinations in order to impose their agents and local agents in order to enslave peoples and loot their goods.

4) Recalls the bloody history of imperialism, coups and assassinations led by the CIA and its agents in dozens of countries from Africa and Latin America and the assassination of national leaders, as in Chile against National President Salvador Allende by its client General Pinochet, the assassination of Thomas Sincara in Burkina Faso and Patrice Lumumba in Congo And Saddam Hussein in Iraq ... Contemporary history is full of many examples.

5) Renews its attachment to President Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and commends the Venezuelan people for his strong support and standing with its legitimately elected President, adhering to the popular, national and democratic heritage of Chávez.

6) Calls upon all national and progressive parties in Tunisia and the Arab world to join hands with Venezuela by organizing popular solidarity forms of protest against the coup and condemning it. The struggle of the Venezuelan people against imperialism and for the imposition of national sovereignty is the same as our struggle. The victory of Venezuela is a victory for oppressed peoples and nations. It also renews its call to all the free in the world to form the global front against imperialism.

Down with the coup of "Juan Guaido" under the leadership of the American and European imperialists !

Victory to the great Venezuelan people and to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its President, Nicolas Maduro !

Long live international solidarity with the Venezuelan people and all oppressed peoples and nations !

The patriotic democratic socialist party

Tunisia 25/01/2019

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