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The brutal attack on Hepco workers is an attack on the whole of our class!

Alternative Workers News-Iran, 01.10.19. Solidarity Committees Statement. We will not be silenced, globally!


Once again, the HEPCO workers, who came to the streets, with the indescribable resistance for their several unanswered demands, witnessed and faced with the onslaught of the suppressive capitalist Islamic regime’s headman, and government forces, who claim they are the workers’ supporters.

After the 10 days of ultimatum deadline, which was given to the regime’s agents by the HEPCO workers ended, once more they protested and demanded their concerns be met.

The brave HEPCO workers, blocked the railroad tracks, but the government libertine special riot force attacked and beat them severely, and arrested a number of the workers. More than 30 workers were arrested, and more than 15 of them were badly injured and ended up in hospital. This anti-worker reaction of the ruling class, demonstrates the resistance and struggle of the HEPCO workers, which is in conjunction with the stability and endurance of the HEPCO and Azaraab workers, after the brutal May Day attack of this year. Once again with the empty table of the HEPCO workers, this trend continued in the central square of Arak city.

The corrupt capitalist Islamic regime in its disgraceful years of ruling, has never hesitated to use violence and brutality against the workers, toilers and progressive social workers. By its false speculation, this regime believes that by suppression, threats, imprisonments, tortures, and reactionary sentences, etc, could prevent workers’ sit-ins, protests strikes, and struggles. But every day, the regime witnesses the progress of the protests, expansion of demands and more and more touches the weakness and breakdown of the exploitative, oppressive and discriminatory system.

Today, like yesterday, the Islamic regime of the thieves and embezzlers, is so engulfed in fear and apprehension that slams itself into the wall and tries every trick to buy time for its disgraceful existence. But the actual course of the current situation, demonstrates the end of this criminal anti-worker and toiler regime.

The brutality of the Capitalist Islamic thugs, against the workers of HEPCO, will not go unanswered. It will more sooner than later, before the balance of the forces of the more organized workers, toilers and people, with solidarity and support of their struggle, will eliminate this criminal regime and its henchmen.

Attack on any member of our class is attack on all of us!

Solidarity Committees with Iranian workers-abroad


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