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With the May First red banner in the struggle against imperialism and reaction!

Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan (MLOA) May 1, 2019


The first of May is the day of commemoration of the workers' struggles; the day of the protest and onslaught of the workers and oppressed people of the world to the inhumane laws and oppressing, plundering and exploitative capitalist system which have reached its stage of putridity.

Capitalism throughout its history has been an exploitative system. The roots of May Day originated from this exploitation and oppression when one hundred and thirty-two years ago, on this day, the strikes and peaceful demonstration of Chicago workers was crushed and then a few of the leaders of that demonstration were executed by the repressive force and the judicial system of the US capitalist system.

From the very beginning, profitability at any cost has been the logic of the bourgeoisie and the capitalist system. The forms of this profiteering include exploitation of the workforce, the usurpation of social wealth, plundering of the resources of oppressed nations, use of violence and force, waging aggressive wars and massacring of peoples. Private ownership of the means of production and social wealth along with economic, political and cultural power of the bourgeoisie; the division of poverty and wealth; the plundering of peoples' resources; the degradation of the environment; expansionism; militarism, arm race; competition; old and new colonial policies and launching aggressive and occupational wars along with all its hardship and suffering of the industrial world tailors and affected nations and peoples by these aggressions; for the purpose fattening of the financial capital ... are justified, recognized and institutionalized by the capitalist constitution, judicial laws and the legal system of this outrageously inhuman system. Yes, this is the logic of financial capital and its owners.

Under the banner of this system, while the concentration of financial capital in the imperialist centers and its national and transnational institutions has reached an explosive and critical level; oppression, exploitation, discrimination (gender, ethnicity and religion), unemployment, hunger, malnutrition , Illness, death, rape, occupation, war and massacre, bombs and rockets, suicide and explosions, hypocrisy, racism, ignorance and superstition, drug addiction, polluted air and water, with imperialism, reactionary and the crime of the most ruthless and dark-minded radical extremist mercenary groups (especially in Islamic countries); as a gift of imperialism and the share of workers and the billions of the working and oppressed people have been offered to them, and have had a long-lasting and deep effects on all aspects of their lives.

This dichotomy between the bourgeoisie ownership of means of production and the expropriated proletariat and other toilers; between the richest imperial centers and the looted peripheral countries, reflecting a contradiction inherent in capitalist system, in the class private property system, in exploitation of internal workforce, plundering of the resources of other countries and robbing the wage of working people of those countries. In its hundreds-year history, the bourgeoisie has not been able to resolve this contradiction, nor has it provided an effective alternative and a mechanism for solving it.

Under this decayed capitalism the workers and the toilers are trying to seek ways to rescue from this hell. But the path to the salvation of the toilers and, in general, humanity, from this burning hell, and from the framework of the capitalist system, is proletarian revolution and socialism. Only revolution and socialism are able to solve this unresolved contradiction in favor of the Infernal on Earth. This is the only option ahead of the working-class, oppressed, and progressive humanity. It is time for the working class and other working people to consciously choose this feasible and reasonable alternative.

This year, on arrival of May day as a symbol of the international working class solidarity, the working class and other tailoring people in occupied Afghanistan, under the domination of the direct colonial tyranny of occupying and murderer imperialism, and the class rule of feudal - Comprador reactionary classes, are being died, starved to death, forced to seek refuge, persecuted, oppressed, exploited, tortured and killed, and their material and immaterial wealth is being plundered.

While celebrating this historic day of the class solidarity of the workers of all countries, Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan (MLOA) emphasis that emancipation of the workers and non proletarian tailoring and oppressed classes and strata from under the most severe oppression and exploitation in occupied Afghanistan, is possible by their own hands and minds through class unity and solidarity and promotion of a united struggle. The oppressed classes struggle led by the leading force of the National-Democratic Revolution, with the use of three miraculous people's weapons against imperialist occupying forces and indigenous reactionary, will lead towards building a mass democratic and progressive society free from all forms of oppression, Exploitation and discrimination with the prospect of further progress towards the conquest of higher peaks.

With this in mind, Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan(MLOA with an indispensable commitment for serious and determined efforts toward forging these three powerful tools of revolutionary people, calls on all believers into this historical mission, to share and intensity this joint effort and movement of true revolutionaries of our country - Afghanistan.

Glorious will be May Day Celebration!
The freedom of workers and the working people is possible by class consciousness and unity!
Down with imperialism and reaction!
Long live Revolution and Socialism!
Marxist-Leninist Organization of Afghanistan (MLOA)
May 1, 2019

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