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10 years of ICOR: Long live the united struggle for freedom and socialism!

MLKP Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti Türkiye / Kürdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey / Kurdistan), 19. Oct. 2020


10 years of ICOR have passed and a lot has changed in the world. The developments are ongoing lightning fast, capitalism is in an existential crisis, the collapse of the bourgeois social order is characterized by multi-dimensional crises and as a revolutionary vanguard the world working class stands major confrontations ahead, uniting all the oppressed on earth. This time is full of revolutionary opportunities and now are we as revolutionary subjects asked to seize these opportunities and change the world!

On the 10th anniversary of ICOR, the world is faced with a new situation. The coronavirus pandemic has added a new global crisis to the chain of crises of capitalism. In this process the futility of this order of exploitation has been once again shown to the world. Today more than ever strengthening the political struggle with all means is asked - a united struggle, more determined than ever.

We look back on 10 years in which we have bonded more closely, known each other, learned from each other, organized common practice, shared analyzes, discussed and broadened our perspective. The ICOR has created an important international basis to strengthen the united struggle and internationalism. Thanks to all comrades who have brought ICOR to this level.

In the 10th anniversary of ICOR we say:

Let's tackle the adventure of human liberation stronger than ever!

Let us strengthen the ICOR as a platform of united struggle!

Long live ICOR!


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