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Idlib and the imperialist dreams of the fascist Turkish state

MLKP,Turkey, Kurdistan; February 2020


Turkey, as a financial-economic colony, is ruthlessly continuing its expansionist aspirations. Its imperialist dreams crumble as soon as reality catches up. This is exactly what is happening in Idlib. As with the economic crisis and capitalism, the connection between the crisis and the invasive war of expansion must be shown to the public. Accountability for the killed soldiers, for the millions spent to protect the gangs while people sink into poverty must be demanded by the fascist chief. What are these soldiers doing there on the territory of another country? What are their tasks? With what money are the gangs financed?


When the fascist chief, who secures his one-man--rule with war and fascist state terror, set off for Ukraine, the Syrian regime forces supported by Russia attacked the Turkish army posts, killing many soldiers.

During the meeting in Sochi in 2017, it was decided to set up de-escalation zones in four locations: Hama, Daraa, East Guta and Idlib. With the effective support of Russia, the Syrian regime took over the first three regions, after which it was time for taking over Idlib. The political-Islamic fascist gangs in Hama, Guta and Daraa were sent to Idlib with their weapons under the protection of Turkey. Turkey declared itself the patron of these gangs.

Turkey had presented its participation in the Astana process as a great success, in fact its strategy with which the Turkish state wanted to build its hegemony in Syria through political-Islamic gangs had broken down within the process. Turkey sought refuge in Russia, which is responsible for this fail of strategy.

The regime's control over Idlib meant the complete collapse of Turkey's Syria strategy. For this reason, the fascist boss knocked on Putin's door.

Russia's attack on Idlib was interrupted in exchange for many economic, political, and military concessions. However, to stop the attack as soon as possible, the Turkish state has made unrealistic commitments. According to the agreement, a 15-20 km wide demilitarized zone should be established between the political-Islamic gangs and the Syrian regime forces and the gangs should withdraw their heavy weapons from these regions. After that, the international highways M4 and M5 should be left under the control of the regime.

Turkey had guaranteed that the gangs would leave with their heavy weapons and that the international routes would be left to the regime. Turkey had about a month for the first step and three months for the second step.

It was not possible for Turkey, as the patron of the gangs, to do all of this in such a short time, and Russia knew that too. At that time, Turkey had the priority of securing its control over Idlib and wanted to save time. Russia, on the other hand, wanted to take advantage of the situation as much as possible. Putin gave the fascist chief the time he wanted in exchange for economic, political, and military benefits.

Turkey has created twelve military observation posts in Idlib on the pretext of ensuring a ceasefire. The real goal of Turkey was not the ceasefire, but the protection of the political-Islamic gangs. Idlib should be the "safe zone" for political-Islamic gangs. In this way, the fascist chief wanted to turn the gangs he had made dependent on himself his mercenaries. By involving the gangs in Idlib and other regions in the political process, he wanted them to establish a colonial hegemony over future Syria. With the gangs he trained there, he wanted to destroy the northeastern Syrian autonomy and the Rojava revolution. As soon as the conditions were ripe, he wanted to annex the territory controlled by the gangs of which he is the leader.

As a result of the Sochi agreement, one of the main tasks of the Turkish state was to distinguish between "moderate opposition" and "radicals". The most powerful of the "radical" gangs was the successor to the Al Qaeda derivative, the successor to Al Nusra, HTS (Heyet Tehrir al-Sham). The Turkish state forced its armed forces into the HTS instead of isolating them as agreed, so HTS had 90% of Idlib under its control. In fact, this step ended the Sochi agreement. After the transfer of Idlib to the HTS under the protection of the Turkish state, the battle-free zone, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the "separation from moderates and radicals" became history.

Russia was in no hurry because it was able to make many concessions from the fascist chief and his gangs.

Ultimately, the Sochi Agreement had to be implemented. From time to time, Russia attacked Idlib with the Syrian regime, and after each attack the fascist chief or his ministers rushed to Russia, and armistice agreements were made every time in return for a series of concessions. Idlib was a great bait for Russia. Russia attacked, agreed to a ceasefire for concessions, attacked again, and made new concessions.

But Turkey is a NATO country and its concessions had limits. The US declared to "sanction" the fascist chief and his government to prevent rapprochement with Russia. In order to stop these sanctions, which could be enforced at any time, the fascist chief had to comply with the will of the United States.

The strategy of benefiting from the competition between the two imperialist powers has led to blackmail by both sides. This was inevitable because an invasive and expansionist policy can be continued with military, especially economic power. If you follow imperialist dreams as a financial-economic colony, these dreams quickly vanish into smoke.

This is exactly what is happening in Idlib.

The fascist chief tried to use the political-Islamic gangs that he brought through in Syria in Libya as he used them against the Rojava revolution. He could send them to the Balkans and the Caucasus tomorrow. That means crossing the borders.

The fascist chief, whose trump cards are exhausted due to a new Russian attack on Idlib, said that the Astana process has ended and that he does not recognize Ukraine's annexation of Crimea by Russia. While he was still on the move to Ukraine, many of his occupying soldiers were killed by the regime attack. The fascist chief explained that the necessary reaction had taken place with the help of fighter jets and that the "attack minister" Akar neutralized dozens of regime soldiers. However, Russia has stated that no foreign aircraft has violated Syrian airspace.

It is natural for Russia to make such a statement, since Idlib airspace is under Russian control. Turkish aviators cannot attack in this area without knowledge of Russia.

Under the command of the fascist chief, Afrin, Jerablus and Serêkanîye were occupied with the consent of Russia. With the closed airspace, he couldn't have let a bird fly alone. Russia's approval of an airstrike against regime forces in Idlib is unthinkable. However, Turkey has no choice but to lie to not take responsibility for the soldiers killed and to protect the political-Islamic fascist gangs in another country.

However, it cannot be assumed that the fascist chief will simply accept this situation and Idlib's conquest by the regime. Because if this condition is accepted, it will be the turn of the other areas under the occupation of Turkey. That would mean not only the end of Turkey's expansionist aspirations, but also the fascist gangs and the boss himself. The fascist boss and his gangs are also aware of this, so they can undertake and try all kinds of adventures for their own assets, Rojava fully occupied.

Of course, they have to get closer to the US and loosen their ties to Russia. In fact, the United States has stated that it supports Turkey's presence in Idlib and "its defense against regime attacks". If the political-Islamic gangs are removed from Syria, the United States' Syria policy will also collapse. The involvement of political-Islamic gangs in the political process depends on the strength of the Syrian regime. Therefore, the US is currently supporting the hegemony of the gangs in Idlib and without Turkey this is not possible.

Now is the time to unveil war, occupation, and the state's expansionist policies and to demand accountability. This is a good time to break the chauvinism spread by the invasive war of expansion. If the fight against the expansionist, unjust war is combined with the fight against chauvinism, the possibilities multiply to raise the consciousness of the working class and toiling people and to polarize them against the fascist boss and his gangs.

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