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May 8th – victory over fascism

KSRD Ukraine, 25.4.20


May 8th is not just a day of victory over fascism in the 20th century, it is a symbol of overcoming the heinous fascist and Nazi contagion in total. Novadays neofascism has been raising its head again in different countries, and it`s all the more important to know and remember what evil it brings to working people.


Fascism is inextricably linked with capitalism, fascism is the fruit of capitalism, its tool in the struggle against the socialist alternative, for the maximum uncontrolled enrichment of the ruling class. This is especially important to understand today, when the capitalists want to make everyone forget about the class significance of the Second World War, which primarily was a war against the class enemy from the side of the USSR and the proletariat of the whole world. Now the danger of war is growing all over the planet, and it`s all the more important to remember how much blood the capitalists and imperialists are ready to shed for their own selfish interests.


In Asia, the largest imperialist powers – China, the USA, India – are building up military forces to advance their interests wherever it`s possible. Tensions have been escalating in the Pacific, in Afghanistan, in the Persian Gulf, the war continues in Yemen and Syria.


In Africa, there are more and more “local” conflicts, which in fact are part of the global military threat. In Sudan and Nigeria, in Mali and Congo (Kinshasa) hotbeds of armed conflicts are smoldering, and they are able to erupt with renewed vigor at any moment.


In Latin America, the US imperialism threatens with new aggressions against "objectionable countries": for example, calls for a military invasion of Venezuela are almost openly heard. The Washington warlords can invade any country of America, even Canada – this is well known from the experience of the XX century, and from the Pentagon's plans.


For Europe the danger of war has also been increasing recent years. An open military confrontation continues in Ukraine, where Putin’s Russian imperialism tries to supplant Western imperialists. The militarism of the “Putin” model is especially dangerous as it`s actively trying to disguise itself as anti-imperialism and anti-fascism - and in the meantime it is building up military forces in many parts of the Earth, wanting to participate in the new imperialist redivision of the world.


In different countries, the day of May 8th is celebrated in different ways – for example, in the Soviet tradition it`s May 9th. Every nation could celebrate this day in its own way. But the essence remains the same: down with fascism and Nazism! Down with the capitalist wars!


Therefore, this is our common Day of Struggle, in which ICOR organizations, like a joint wave, hold actions around the world. Let's hold meetings and discussions – wherever possible without risk to the health. Let`s publish our appeals on Internet sites, in printed materials and in any other way. Let the bourgeoisie know: no virus can prevent the working people of the world from rallying closer against neo-fascist and militaristic threats.


Down with fascism and militarism in any form!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

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