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Occupation and genocide cannot prevent the defeat of fascist colonialism!

MLKP Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti Türkiye / Kürdistan (Marxist Leninist Communist Party Turkey / Kurdistan), June 2020


Victory will belong to freedom, to justice and to our people!

The fascist bourgeois Turkish colonial state has mobilized all of its technical, military and financial resources to the utmost and has launched new attacks to suppress the struggle for the Kurdish nation's collective rights, to occupy the Medya Defence Zone and to commit genocide. The Turkish state bombed Makhmur, Sinjar and Qandil and started trying to occupy Haftanin.

There is no doubt that these attacks are carried out under the patronage of the United States and NATO. The leadership of Southern Kurdistan betrayed the struggle that had begun under the leadership of Molla Mustafa Barzani and served the Turkish capital’s fascist army and MIT. Iraq is a state in wretched condition. Imperialists like Russia and China applaud and remain silent about the colonialist and genocidal occupation attacks by the anti-popular powers of the Middle East. The imperialist world bourgeoisie and the regional colonialists have entered into a cursed alliance to exterminate the leadership of the PKK and the army of guerrilla, to bloodily suppress the right of Kurds for freedom and unity and the struggle carried out for this aim.

To our peoples, peoples of the world, revolutionary and progressive parties and groups!

Our party calls on the peoples of the world, all parties and organizations fighting against fascism, colonialism, imperialism and capitalism, and primarily all the communist, revolutionary and anti-fascist parties and peoples of Kurdistan, Turkey, Iran, the Middle East and North Africa to raise their voice against the colonial and genocidal attacks by the Turkish bourgeois state and to support the resistance. This is not just a war between the Kurdish people and the Turkish bourgeoisie and its fascist colonialism, this is not only a war between the PKK and the Turkish Republic. This is a war between the most racist, aggressive, chauvinistic and terrorist regime of the region and the peoples of the region. This is a war between fascism and freedom. A war between colonialism and the self-determination rights of the nations.

To the people of Southern Kurdistan!

The fascist and colonialist reality of the capitalist Turkish state is no stranger to you. You couldn't have forgotten how you were forced to migrate to the north of your country and detained in a prison camp surrounded by barbed wire after the Halabja Genocide. It cannot be disappeared from your memory how Turkey and Iraq injected poison into the bread in this camp and thus murdered 500 sisters and brothers in colonialist cooperation. You cannot have forgotten how recently the fascist colonial leader Erdogan and the state of Turkish capital hand in hand with ISIS, have pursued the goal of a new genocide against the Kurds in Rojava, Sinjar and various cities in Southern Kurdistan. The racism and colonial insolence that the same fascist chief and fascist colonial state flaunted during the independence referendum could not have been erased from your memory. And you couldn't have forgotten, how your brothers and sisters from the north showed great willingness of sacrifice despite all oppression and darkness in 1988, to share a slice of bread with you in the barbed wire prison camp.

Say a hateful “No” to those who want you to slavishly bow to the enemy, who want that you collaborate with the enemy, that you remain silent in the face of the attacks meaning a new genocide against the Kurds. This is the only way to preserve the dignity of the people of Southern Kurdistan. This is the only way to avoid being cursed by future generations of Kurds. Do not betray the struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish people for the sake of rich money bags, for family and personal interests. Let yourself be guided by the patriotism of Sheikh Mahmud Berzanci and Molla Mustafa Barzani!

Go out to the streets and raise the demand that the fascist colonial state of Turkish capital waging a colonial, racist and misanthropic war to destroy the Kurdish fighting forces in the south of your home country, shall disappear from Southern Kurdistan, from Rojava and from Northern Kurdistan. Defend your dignity.

Sisters and brothers!

The decades-old dream of the racist and fascist state of the Turkish bourgeoisie to eliminate the national-democratic movement always turns into a nightmare for the state. This will be the case again. The dream of the fascist chief regime and the fascist chief, to keep his colonial rule in Northern Kurdistan forever, to commit a genocide against the Kurdish people, from which it should never recover again, to extend his colonial rule to Southern Kurdistan and Rojava, will end in a bitter awakening. Lessons will be taken from the resistance of PKK, which broad up the advances of 15 August and 1 July, holding up the flag of freedom and determination to war after 45 thousand martyrs, as well as from revolutionary solidarity.

Once again we call on the working class, women, youth, the poor and the oppressed of the region and the world, especially the revolutionary and anti-fascist forces of our peoples, to stand alongside the Kurdish people and to build a barrier against the attacks aimed at occupation and genocide.

In these days of merciless war, we commemorate respectfully and with love the member of the PKK Central Committee, Comrade Kasım Engin, who has become immortal as a strong representative of dedication and spirit of sacrifice, and we promise that we hold up the flag of freedom of Kurdistan and the ideals of a new society in the storm of the struggle for freedom and socialism.

June 18, 2020


Central Committee

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