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OCR Spain congratulations to the 10th birthday of ICOR

Revolutionary Communist Organization OCR (Organización Comunista Revolución), Spain, 11th October 2020


Greetings Comrades,
From the Revolutionary Communist Organization, we congratulate you warmly on your tenth anniversary. These ten years are based on a long history of struggle and international solidarity among the various communist detachments. Today, in the midst of a global health crisis, and an economic crisis just around the corner, the work of collaboration and exchange in the conflicts is more important than ever.
The crisis of Covid-19 does not stop the class struggle: it is taking place on an international scale with plant closures, mass layoffs, and, ultimately, it is the workers who are paying for this crisis. Despite the fact that the measures are getting tougher, and they are trying to stop the strike attempts and other actions by tightening up the state measures, the struggle of the workers does not stop. It was in the midst of this situation, when Nissan's conflict exploded, during which we understood the importance of international solidarity among Communist Organizations, and the effect it can have. We would like to take advantage of this letter to thank you for the close collaboration we had during the conflict of Nissan: our organization is still young, we did not have militancy within the staff, and the field in which we were able to make tangible contributions to the struggle, was the field of
international solidarity. These actions could not have been carried out without the support
of the ICOR, which turned to spreading the struggle on the international level. The workers received several kinds of support, both monetary to resist the time and regarding morals, through several videos of support from colleagues of other plants. All this raised the morale of the workers and their spirit of struggle, but also, made them see that they are not alone in the struggle: the automobile sector is organized internationally and they could see that the spirit of proletarian internationalism is still alive.
Currently, the conflict was closed through an agreement that is a victory for Nissan workers. With all this, we as an organization have also learned that international collaboration is a key when it comes to intervention, by such as communists, on a working class conflict. It is precisely these actions which show the great work of the comrades of the ICOR, who are strongly committed to their purpose.
Revolutionary greetings,
Revolutionary Communist Organization.
Member of the International Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist United Front (AIAFUF).

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