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Capitalism is in an existential crisis and this crisis is intensifying with the coronavirus pandemic. The bourgeoisie is making its own plans to get out of this crisis. Petty-bourgeois intellectual stratas call for the rescue of capitalism. As Marxist-Leninists, we have prepared this manifesto to fulfill our task and responsibility to call on the working class and the oppressed.



Capitalism was in a great crisis also before the pandemic. The order of capital, which accumulated poverty, unemployment and death for billions on the one hand, and enormous wealth for a handful of parasites on the other hand, was struggling to grow, producing more inequality as it struggled. The pandemic further sharpened all the contradictions of the order. Deadly viruses were transported from wildlife to social life through deforestation at first. Despite all the warnings, the fight against the pandemic began months later. When the outbreak started, the poor were deprived of necessary preventive and curative health services. The old population who could not produce and consume was even abandoned to death directly. Curfews have been declared in many places to maintain physical distance, but factories, construction sites, mines, and workshops where thousands of people work side by side have been kept as open as possible, and hundreds of millions have been massively sent to death. Millions have been fired where it was not possible to continue with the production. Women were left with male violence and sexist exploitation on quarantine. States have allocated almost all of the trillions of dollars in packages to save companies. Income supports and aids provided to workers and laborers remained a drop in the bucket.

The pandemic process once again showed us that the monopoly capitalist system and bourgeois states have completely lost their ability to solve the problems created by themselves. While it became visible to everyone that the bourgeoisie is a burden to be taken off from humanities’ feet, it has been thoroughly revealed that the value-creating and multiplying is the working class, not the machines, entrepreneurs, banks. History now calls in a much louder voice for workers to act as a vanguard of the new society and the gravedigger of capitalism, uniting all laborers and the oppressed around itself.

Class collaboration saves capital, not humanity

Today, monopolies, the world bourgeoisie and bourgeois states are surrounded by fear of revolution. It seems that the middle classes of the imperialist countries, and especially the petty bourgeois intellectual layers fed by the system, are also in a hurry to protect the order. A fundamental aspect of the preparation for revolution by the world proletariat and the oppressed is to neutralize this left-liberal ideology and policy of class cooperation.

The dream that is based on the ideology of class cooperation comes from the concessions made by the monopoly capital to its own proletariat in Europe following the II. Imperialist Sharing War. However, what made these concessions possible was not the “humanism” of capitalism, but the panic of preventing the revolutionary influence of the USSR and the existence of the socialist camp on the proletariat of imperialist countries. Today the capitalist class get rid of all these "obstacles". Under the pressure of the crises it is destined for and the markets that are running out, capitalism has reached the last point of its aggression with the motive of maximum profit, and now it can grow not by moving forward, but by “exploding inwardly”. The historically declining profit rates lead monopolistic capitalism to pour its profits not to the reproduction, but to the imaginary capital markets based on the usurpation of the future, to the commercialization of public assets and services, the elimination of social, political and trade union rights, occupations, the exploitation of proletariat in the most brutal way in the countries with cheap labor power, and the unlimited plundering of the nature.

From this point of view, as long as the ownership of the means of production and political power are in the hands of the bourgeoisie, the struggle for “democratic workplace” is not a goal in itself, but can only make sense on the basis of the struggle to take power. Only in this sense, the “Workers' councils” can function as a means of control over production by the working class, and than a tool in transition to take the management. Because capitalism is a mode of production that subordinates all production relations other than itself, and then eliminates them in itself by destruction, the labor power can only be removed of being commodity in total, not only from certain sectors. And this means the abolishment of the capitalist mode of production. Monopolies' interests that consider the maximum profit prevent them from undertaking the high-cost investments required by renewable energy. For this reason, the climate crisis can only be truly prevented by the overthrow of the capitalist class’ power. Since capitalism depends not only on wage labor, but also on domestic care labor, and for this very reason reproducing male domination over and over again, the women's revolution can only be a guarantee of true equality and freedom when it intersects with the collapse of capitalism.

We must know well that we cannot rely on bourgeois states to limit monopolies. Even the most social-democratic bourgeois state will have to save capital first in crises, as the bankruptcy of monopolies, which have taken into its ownership all the productive forces of society and all its wealth, will leave millions of hungry and unemployed behind. Any coercion on the contrary, let's say wealth tax, nationalization decision, etc. will only result in the bosses runing away across the open border gates with all their properties or in their direct attack. It is in our recent memory that the social-democrats, who came to power in Europe with the discourse of “limiting capital”, saved the capitalist classes in the crisis in 2008 and took the duty of making workers and laborers to pay the bill for those rescue packages through austerity policies. Today, exactly the same way has been taken.

The socialist revolution is the only realistic way for the emancipation of humanity

Since science and history tell us that the class that holds the factories, lands and banks will decide everything; that these decisions compelled to be against us, and that this class cannot be limited by laws and elections, so there is only one choice for a decent life: the socialist revolution, in which the power of the bourgeoisie will be overthrown by force and the means of production will be transferred to social ownership. In socialism, production and distribution will be done not for profit but for the society, and the decision of what, how much, how and when to be produced will be taken by the society. Where there is no profit, there will be no crisis, labor power will cease to be commodity, full employment will be provided, and the surplus we produce will be invested for the benefit of society, but not for the stock exchanges. As women, our demands for equality and freedom will thus have a material basis.

The revolution may seem like a dream to many of us. However, there is only one dream, that is to wait from capitalism to take steps that will be in favor of nature and people. Even socialism, founded in the most unfavorable conditions, is ten times, hundred times more human than the most prosperous and democratic capitalism. Undoubtedly, the revolution is an extremely violent historical act in which one class destroys, dispossess and crushes the other in blood. However, our hunger, poverty, discrimination, debt, sexism, inequality, racism, pandemic, plunder, oppression and wars of today do not contain less violence than revolutionary action. For the working class, the revolution will be an act of making others to pay the price, not to pay itself.

Let's not let anyone fool us. Those who are taking as a base the class collaboration, but not the irreconcilable contradiction between classes; covering the fact that the question is not the effective economic policies, but taking the political power; calling on the bosses and their states to take measures, but not on working classes to organize revolution; saying that they want a different social order and cannot say "socialism", objectively protect the interests of monopolies, not of the working class and the oppressed. Capitalism is falling. What needs to be done is not to repair it, but to be hung on the beams. The world proletariat should stand up with the consciousness that the socialist revolution is the only real, rational and possible option for humanity, and should begin to organize in parties that claim revolution by leading all oppressed and prepare for the final fight in which capitalism will be sent to the grave.

Workers and oppressed of all countries, unite!

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