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Report of the MLPD to the ICOR on the International Day of Struggle Against Fascism and War on 1 September 2020 in Germany

MLPD, Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany), 20 Oct. 2020


In Germany the MLPD took over responsibility for the ICOR Day of Struggle Against Fascism and War on 1 September. This day annually reminds of the begin of the 2nd World War through the attack of Hitlerite fascism on Poland. Today the peace movement faces the challenge to strengthen and unite internationally against increasing imperialist war-mongering. Today the danger of a new world war has never been so great as since the 2nd World War. Not only the USA as the main warmonger is stirring up the threat of war, but also increasingly new-imperialist countries like Turkey, which is striving for domination in the eastern Mediterranean region. But also the “old“ imperialist countries like the USA/Trump or the EU. Especially in the German federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, demonstrators demanded the dissolution of the fascist-infiltrated elite troops of the KSK of the German federal army, in which openly fascist tendencies and networks exist. The withdrawal of US troops from Germany has given rise to many discussions. The peace movement demands that all foreign troops be withdrawn from Germany and that all nuclear weapons must not only finally disappear from Germany, but also be banned worldwide. In many speeches and discussions consciousness could be raised that Germany and the EU are imperialist powers, as well as Russia. Russia is explicitly supported by some (neo)revisionist forces within the peace movement in Germany, so contributing to great confusion. The peace movement must take care not to defend one imperialist against another and so become a vehicle for imperialist interests.

In accordance with its general societal role and the growing threat of war, the MLPD took the initiative for militant united action in many cities and towns. On Anti-war Day rallies, demonstrations or commemorative events took place in far more than 100 cities, despite the difficult conditions of the corona pandemic. Successful united action rallies took place for example in Berlin, Gelsenkirchen, Schweinfurt, Hagen, Nordhausen, Esslingen, Dresden, Siegen, Hamburg, Bochum, Ulm, Hattingen and Essen. In Essen Gabi Fechtner, chairwoman of the MLPD, began her contribution by elaborating the principles and successes of the socialist peace policies of the former socialist countries. In face of the fact that we haven't experienced such a threat of a new world war for decades, she stressed the necessity of intensive education work aimed at strengthening the peace movement significantly.

In Schweinfurt the growing societal role of the MLPD could be seen in the MLPD being called upon to take part and give a short speech in the Anti-war Day, in which the DGB (German Federal Trade Union) is the organizer. In contrast, the DGB chairman in Eisenach (Left Party) broke with the tradition of the open microphone, apparently for anticommunist motives, and suppressed all speeches except his own. At a spontaneous rally of the Internationalist Alliance this behavior was brought in connection to the debate within the Left Party, where a polarized discussion is taking place over the option of giving up their current position against the NATO or foreign intervention of the German federal army in favor of a participation in a government of SPD/Greens.

In Frankfurt/Main Khaled Davrisch, German representative of the self-administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, thanked the German peace movement. He stated, “We made great sacrifices to liberate ourselves from IS, in order to create a place which stands for justice, equal rights and especially for peace. More than 11 000 defense forces gave up their lives for this aim. We continue to suffer under military attacks, especially from Turkey. In spite of this threat and a comprehensive embargo we are rebuilding the country and building up a society in which all population groups can live together in peace regardless of gender, ethnic origin or religion. However, this peace is not desired by some in the region, especially by Turkey (…) It is disappointing that whereas the German federal government acknowledges that Turkey is defying international law, it does not draw any consequences from that. Contrary to what is maintained, deliveries of arms to Turkey have not been stopped, and our people are paying for this with their lives.“

At the rally in Siegen a speaker referred to Rosa Luxemburg, who spoke about „peculiar enthusiasts“, who struggle for a better future. Enthusiasm in a positive sense means for us to leave behind all the trash of justifications for the injustices and wars in this world, intimidation and self-censorship caused by anticommunism and to be open for a genuine mass discussion on societal alternatives. To be 'enthusiastic' in such a way does not mean losing sight of reality. The justifications for wars, environmental destruction, brutal poverty and racist oppression are absurd, but the basis of these evils is the pursuit of profit and power – and this is really about power. A just society in which wars also belong to the past is only possible once these power relations have been overcome. This 'peculiar enthusiasm', of which Rosa Luxemburg spoke ironically, is – if you look at it closely – the only realistic idea of a good future.“

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