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Statement supporting the uprisings of the Lebanese people

Patriotic Democratic Socialist Party, Tunisia (PPDS), 05/06/2020


After the masses of the Lebanese people stormed into the parliament , expelling representatives of the puppet , reactionary and sectarian regime , to express refuse and deni policies of poverty and starvation and marginalization and in continuation of thier brave uprising which started months ago , facing the ruthless suppression that left many casualties .

The Patriotic Democratic socialist party

  1. Renws absolute and complete support of the uprisings of the Lebanese people in Beirut , Tripoli , Sayda and Nabatieh against the government of « Hasan dhiab » and bank policies . Also , the party , considers this movements as in continuation of the uprising of 17 October and its militant orientation against banking policies and as a clear response to the attempts to diverte its political campus .

  2. Condemn the ruthless ways of the military and the police forces to suppress the movement which ended with many casualties and death of martyr « Faouaz Samman » .

  3. Considers the government of « Hasan Dhiab » , like any other, as a government in serves of the interests and the policy of bank of Lebanon , this government continues with the same economic and financial policies that has deepened the crisis of the current economic situation . Using the drop in the proteste rate due to the spread of corona pandemic , the Lebanon’s government passes financial policies of bank of Lebanon and its Governor « Riadh Salama » , leading to a great increase in the exchange rate of US dollar and a downfall of value of Lebanese Lira . This caused an insane prices increase and deterioration of perches power of people of Lebanon , the project of social aid has been paralyzed because it didn’t serve the interests of the corrupt wealthy monopolists . In response of the first procedure that aims checking the accounts of bank of Lebanon and the financial operations, which are doubt to be corrupt , made by governor «  Riadh Salama » , an extensive political and religious campaign was launched to protect « Riadh Salama » and to prevent his legal accountability. That’s why the revolutionary response of the masses was in time ; by the last days of April , the Lebanese uprising returns to its pic confronting bank's policies .

  4. Calls upon militant national forces and the protesting masses to continue their struggle for

  • Legal trial of the governor of bank of Lebanon, corrupt politician , governors of all banks in the country and major deposits owners accused of corruption and looting public wealth.

  • Returning the public wealth which was stolen by major deposits owners and bank owners .

  1. Considers the uprising of 17 October as not only a qualitative transformation in the struggle of the Lebanese people , but also an important event in the course of the Arab uprisings and in the militant Renaissance that started a decade ago , due to its continuance , and because it targets the real authority in Lebanon ‘bank of Lebanon’ to be specified and all banks in the country . That is why all of Communist parties and national revolutionary forces in the region should support the uprising of the Lebanese people and the national militant forces in Lebanon .

Let the uprising of October 17th continue in its course to overthrow the ruling of banks and the sectarian and non-patriot regime , thus no salvation to the Lebanese people unless they succeed realising that goal.

Victory to the brave uprising of the people of Lebanon !

Glory to all martyrs !

The Patriotic Democratic Socialist party

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