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The existence of the ICOR is a victory for the rebirth of a strong, unified, organized communist movement

Communist United Lyon (Unité Communiste Lyon), UCLyon, France, 4 October 2020


10 years of ICOR.

We greet all comrades of the ICOR on the tenth anniversary of the coordination.

We salute ten years of hard work to bring the international coordination into existence, to animate it, to keep it alive and to make it grow. We salute the dedication of all those who make it possible for it to exist and operate.

We also salute all the member organizations, all those who have decided to pool their energies to advance towards a great international gathering of revolutionaries.

The existence of the ICOR is a victory. A victory against division, against fragmentation, against chauvinistic, narrow-mindedness. A victory for the rebirth of a strong, unified, organized communist movement. This victory continues to be built up year after year by the arrival of new organizations, new groups, new living forces.

The integration of the ICOR into a logic of common work with the ILPS within the International Alliance is another victory. It contributes not only to the advancement of both groups, the coordination and the league, but also shows a fierce, resolute willingness to unify the communist movement ever more broadly, to leave no room for dispersion, for division.

We have an immense work to do. This titanic work is progressing, however. The four days of the ICOR are an outline for the synchronization of our actions, our activities. They are the prerequisite for ever larger, more intensive, more influential and more effective campaigns. Its statements show a unified and resolute spirit and the possibility to be able to make common diagnoses of the global situation beyond geographical differences and thus also to find common solutions.

Huge prospects are opening up for us!

The ICOR can become the place for a synthesis of experiences.
To compare our experiences, practices and positions, to decipher them and to draw the most accurate, most effective and most precise essence from them.
It makes it possible to bring - at least it brings it to us, in France - a different perspective, which takes us out of the narrow, comfortable, deceptive framework of our imperialist metropolis. It brings us back to our responsibilities: that of bringing down this machine of exploitation, of oppression that is our own imperialism.
It will allow us to prepare the coordination of the forces fighting the same enemies, to make their campaigns more effective, their actions more incisive, to concentrate the blows on the weak points of these structures of exploitation, to finally allow their fall.

We are proud and proud to be part of this coordination. We are proud and proud to be able to contribute our stone to its edification.

Towards an international communist movement that is ever stronger, ever more united, ever more unitary, ever more effective.
Towards victory against imperialism, against fascism, against exploitation.
Towards the birth of a world that is just, equitable, respectful of the environment and of humanity. A world that will be able to take the whole of humanity to a new age.

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