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Thursday, September 17, 2020 in France - Day of action and strikes in all sectors

France, The Union Prolétarienne ML (UPML) September 17, 2020


The CGT union calls on employees from all sectors, retirees and those deprived of jobs to make September 17, 2020 a powerful national day of actions, strikes and demonstrations. FSU and Solidaires trade unions, as well as youth organizations have joined the mobilization.
Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been destroyed - the global capitalist economic crisis is raging ... social plans, deterioration of working conditions, precariousness and impoverishment ... And hundreds of thousands more are expected by the end of the year.
60 billion euros will be paid to the large international monopolies domiciled in France, which also benefit from 90 billion euros because of exemptions from employer social contributions and tax gifts of all kinds. These loans (which are grants) will often be used to "modernize" production and trading facilities by further laying off staff. This increases the class antagonism and arouses broad anti-capitalist sentiments.
The protests are also directed against job blackmail, longer working hours, lower wages, "performance agreement" ... Employers and government are massively destroying jobs, workers' rights and their social gains. The Macron government's attacks on pensions and the few rights of the unemployed are also reduced. The clearly stated objective is to lower incomes, and there have just been announced 20% wage cuts in several companies. This is how the capitalists claim to maintain their productivity and rate of profit.
The demands of the unions: 32 hour week, minimum wage of 1,800 euros, strengthening of social security, with a solidarity pension system, are essential and urgent. Unemployment insurance must play its full role in providing replacement income for all, including young people, without any access threshold conditions.
The Union Prolétarienne ML (UPML) will intervene to support the class demands unifying the struggle against monopolies and their state with the 32 hours at the center without lower wages and an increase of incomes. Our program paves the way for an anti-capitalist alternative to revolutionary socialism. Long live the international solidarity of the proletarians!

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