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Unjustifiable! Let us not allow the KDP to attack the guerrilla areas!

by MLKP Central Committee, 17 November 2020

The fascist Turkish colonial state was defeated in Haftanin. Its plan to destroy the PKK, to crush the Rojava revolution and to rob the Kurdish nation‘s right to freedom in four parts, is carried out this time by the KDP.

The KDP is trying to encircle the guerrilla areas and Qandil in accordance with the plans and goals of the colonialists and imperialists in the name of the rule of the Barzani clan. It tries to pave the way for the fascist colonial armies.

The KDP clings to the lie that this serious crime against the Kurdish people is in the interest of the southern Kurdish people and even all Kurds, and has been degraded to an instrument for legitimizing colonial borders and colonial plans. The KDP has committed many grave sins in recent years.

The KDP was involved in the pollution of southern Kurdish areas by the boots of fascist colonialism. With the support of the KDP, MIT and the counter-guerrilla were able to station themselves in southern Kurdistan, carry out massacres and organize gangs that are hostile to the national democratic rights of the Kurds and the freedom of Kurdistan.

The KDP remained silent when the fascist Turkish bourgeois colonial state set Northern Kurdistan on fire.

The KDP kept an embarrassing silence when the colonists occupied Afrin and Serekaniye.

The KDP supported the fascist colonial Turkish Republic in the siege of Rojava. It guarded the borders of colonialism between southern Kurdistan and Rojava. It imposed an embargo on the people of Rojava.

During the bombing and massacre, especially of Qandil, the Medya Defense Zones, Sinjar and Maxmur by the fighter jets of Turkish colonialism, the KDP never once took a dignified stance. On the contrary, it supported the colonial attacks by passing on information and intelligence.

The KDP obeyed the instructions of the colonists in the region and the USA and prevented the formation of a Kurdish national unity on the basis of national democratic interests. It did not hesitate to betray the national democratic aspirations and longings of the Kurdish people. Likewise, the KDP is now trying to surround the HPG guerrillas, which formed a barricade against the ISIS massacre in southern Kurdistan, protected the people from the colonial attacks during the referendum period and gave their lives for it. In cooperation with the colonists, the KDP is taking steps to shed the blood of the Kurdish freedom guerrilla and the Peshmerga and to strengthen the plan to strangle the Kurdish people‘s struggle for freedom. The KDP is about to sink up to its neck in dirt and treason.

The fact that the ENKS, which is supported by the KDP and holds the same views, sank so much that it made the termination of mother tongue education and the abolition of the system of gender parity in Rojava a precondition, was the last warning calamity that revealed the KDP‘s position in collaboration with the colonial enemies of the Kurdish people.

The danger is great.

We call on our Kurdish people, Kurdish labourers, the poor people, women and young people who live in four parts of Kurdistan or are condemned to a life in exile, especially the people in southern Kurdistan, to put up a barricade against this unforgivable betrayal of the KDP, against the relocation of the guerrilla areas and Qandil in the interest of the colonialists and against the preparation of the colonial fascist armies. We invite artists, writers, intellectuals and scientists of Kurdistan to call on the KDP to stop being an instrument of fascist colonial plans.

We call on revolutionary, anti-fascist and progressive parties, groups and the labouring humanity from all parts of the world to share the call "KDP, keep your hands off the guerrilla areas" and to stand shoulder to shoulder with the HPG guerrilla and PKK, who are carrying out different actions against fascism and colonialism.

Our party will continue to fulfill its revolutionary duties in this polarization between the Kurdish nation‘s right to freedom and unity and the slanderous colonialist plans aimed at enslaving the Kurdish people in four parts. The communist guerrillas will raise the flag of freedom to life and death in the Medya Defense Zones!

November 17, 2020

MLKP Central Committee  

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