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Warmly Welcome to UML Portugal

ICOR,European Coordinators, October 15th, 2020


Dear comrades of UML Portugal,


we warmly welcome you very to the revolutionary world organization ICOR! With your decision for membership you have taken a forward-looking and important step. We are experiencing turbulent times, all the more important it is to coordinate and cooperate internationally in order to achieve our goal of socialism together.

We are all the more happy about your membership because we as ICOR have already been able to work closely with you for years during the development of your organization and have already learned a lot from each other.

Your organization is part of ICOR Europe. With your concerns, problems, questions and suggestions you can contact the Continental Coordinators or the Main Coordinators at any time.

From now on you also receive the internal ICOR documents and have all rights and duties of a member according to the statute.

As a welcome package we send you with this letter the fundamental documents as well as the latest resolutions. Adopted resolutions of the ICOR are always the result of a process of discussion and unification. Every organization has the right to propose a resolution. The ICC then sends the draft to all member organizations. They decide whether they sign the resolution and/or propose amendments to it. If more than 50% of the members have signed, it is an official ICOR resolution and it will be published on the website.

As member organizations you have the right to publish a monthly contribution on our website. Of course you decide the topic yourself. We want to call on you and encourage you to use this medium for discussion and exchange of experiences.

At its founding conference the ICOR has decided on four international days of struggle. These are: March 8th, International Day of Struggle for the Liberation of Women; May 1st, International Day of Struggle of the Working Class; May 8th/9th, August 6th or September 1st (there are different traditions depending on the country), Day of Struggle against War and Fascism; as well as an Environmental Day of Struggle in December, which as well as protest against the UN-Climate Conferences usually takes place at this time. We call upon you to actively celebrate these days as international ICOR days of struggle and to use them for your work. We look forward to receiving reports and photos for the homepage.

The ICOR is financially independent and we are proud of that. Each organization makes an annual financial contribution, which it determines itself and then pays independently and reliably. If you have not yet done so, please let us know how much your annual contribution should be and how you want to pay it. It is of course possible by bank transfer, but it is often expensive. Therefore, we try to arrange the payment of the contribution at personal meetings if possible.

A current and longer-term focus of our work is the construction of the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front. This united front is the necessary answer to the imperialist crisis chaos in order to unite the forces in the struggle against imperialism and become a superior force. Every ICOR organisation should win organisations in its country for this united front. We also send you the basic documents on the united front.


We would like to send you an ICOR flag as a welcome present. Can you send us a postal address for it?


Dear Comrades! We are looking forward to a fruitful, solidary revolutionary cooperation with you. Please get in touch with us with any questions or suggestions you may have.


Jeroen and Joachim

European Coordinators



Founding documents: Statute of the ICOR (Status 3. World Conference); Founding Resolution; Days of Struggle

Final resolution of the 3rd World Conference

Current ICOR resolutions on Lebanon and Belarus

Documents Anti-imperialist United Front

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