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Erfurt Party Congress of the MLPD held

MLPD Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany), 30 Aug. 2021



The Erfurt Party Congress of the MLPD has been successfully held, Gabi Fechtner reports. She was elected to the Central Committee by the Erfurt Party Congress in a secret ballot and reelected Party Chairwoman of the MLPD at its first plenary session. “The Federal Election Commissioner had unsuccessfully threatened us with deprivation of our party status and questioned the Central Committee's ability to act, because we allegedly did not hold party congresses frequently enough. I can assure him and everyone that no party in Germany prepares its party congresses so thoroughly and democratically as the MLPD. In the preparation and holding of the party congress, as well as in the tactical offensive on the occasion of the national elections under the motto 'Don't Give Anticommunism a Chance and for Genuine Socialism', the CC is very capable of acting, as well as very active.

The report of the Central Committee was discussed in the entire party for half a year and considerably improved with 1513 motions coming from the party rank and file. It was unanimously accepted with all improvements and is now the foundation for the unified action of the MLPD. Gabi Fechter states, “It was a party congress of critical and self-critical discussion, of solidarity and broad inner-party democracy, as well as unity.

The party congress assessed that we are experiencing the greatest instability of the imperialist world system since the 2nd World War.” However, according to Gabi Fechtner, “At the same time there is great confusion in society. In order to see through the confusion, the working class and the masses need a clear compass based on their class interests. For this, the party congress emphatically approved and unanimously confirmed the book from the series REVOLUTIONÄRER WEG (Revolutionary Way), No. 36, The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and of Anticommunism by Stefan Engel. The party congress attested that the change of generations in the party leadership was successful. It is now being organized in the entire range of the work of the MLPD. This builds upon the good growth of the MLPD of 12.5 percent since the last party congress.

In the elections the Central Committee was made even younger and more than 50 percent of its members are now women. Almost 25 percent are active industrial workers. Among the members of the new Central Committee are (in alphabetical order): Klaus Dumberger, Party Manager. Stefan Engel, head of the editorial team REVOLUTIONÄRER WEG. Gabi Fechtner, Party Chairwoman. Reinhard Funk. Monika Gärtner-Engel, who is also Main Coordinator of the ICOR. Lisa Gärtner, spokeswoman for youth policy. Julia Scheller, spokeswoman for women's policy. Günter Slave. Peter Weispfenning, press spokesman.

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