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Fight the political persecution of revolutionaries and democrats!

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by OAPCM-Mexico, UPML-France, MLGS-Switzerland), October 2021


The 4th World Conference of ICOR resolutely opposes the threatening, persecution, detention, torture and killing of communists and revolutionaries – from the ranks of the ICOR and beyond – by reactionary and fascist governments and other forces, as an extreme expression of anticommunism.

The assassinations of comrades in Turkey/Northern Kurdistan or the Philippines represent many nameless victims. Unlawful prison sentences, sometimes for decades, sometimes resulting in death as in the case of Abimael Guzman Reinoso, making disappear the working-class leaders of Shenzhen in China, but also the threats of the German state apparatus against Monika Gärtner-Engel (ICOR Main Coordinator) or Stefan Engel (long-year chairman of the MLPD), trying to defame them as being linked with terrorists, all this is supposed to intimidate the comrades so that they do not fight for the perspective of socialism against imperialism.

These increasing methods against communists reveal the fear of those in power of the peoples' longing for an alternative to imperialism.

The 4th World Conference confirms its unswerving solidarity with all these comrades and demands

+ the immediate and unconditional release of our political prisoners. They are children of the peoples and a product of imperialist repression

+ the persecution and severe punishment of the criminal offenders.

Every attack on our ranks strengthens our resolution to fight for socialism!

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