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Final Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference

ICOR, 4th World Conference


I. With great success, the 4th World Conference of ICOR took place in Europe in October 2021; exactly four years after organizing the 3rd World Conference. Delegates from 26 countries, all in all 31 delegations, took part in this Conference which had a quorum of 50%.

In view of complicated conditions this was not perfectly natural, but achieved through hard struggle – against COVID19, against the difficult working conditions, which hardly allow holidays, against numerous travel restrictions, hassles getting visas and all kinds of anticommunist attacks.

The Fourth World Conference of ICOR stood out for its lively ideological-political initiative, its culture of debate in a spirit of solidarity, a grown relationship of trust, and mutual respect. It had a high and inspiring cultural level, with events very rich in culture.


II. In the run-up to the World Conference, the Continental Conferences Africa, America, Asia and Europe took place successfully. Discussions, decisions and election results showed grown initiative and great readiness of the ICOR organizations to take over higher responsibility for the coordination.


III. The Conference honored a number of deceased Marxist-Leninists and revolutionaries on behalf of the many who have died since the last ICOR World Conference, and confirmed wholeheartedly to continue their work.


IV. The introductory decisions (election of presidium, agenda, rules of procedure, election of two comrades to the credential verifying committee, several keepers of the minutes and election of a commission for drafting the final resolution) were taken unanimously, in accordance with the proposal of the ICC. The ICC was unanimously elected as presidium: Main Coordinator, Deputy Main Coordinator and the Financial Officer as well as the four Continental Coordinators from Africa, America, Asia and Europe.


V. In the center of the first day was the introductory speech of the ICC, presented by the Main Coordinator. This speech and the following discussion with 53 contributions on the economic and political situation focused on certain situations and problems worldwide – economic, political, social, ecological, ideological …

a) Discussion of the instability of the imperialist world system with multiple crises with the core of the new world economic and financial crisis since 2018, intensified by the corona pandemic.

b) Detailed, creative discussion of the inter-imperialist contradictions and the connected shift of powers between the imperialist countries. The thesis of the emergence of new-imperialist countries was discussed quite controversially with manifold analyses. The establishment of new military bases, such as that of China in Djibouti and of France and Turkey in Somalia, was condemned.

c) Discussion of the crisis of bourgeois ideology and development of proletarian ideology including the significance of ideological work for consciousness building among the working class and the masses, which included the discussion of postmodernist influences on us and the necessity of the work among the working class as the only revolutionary class.

d) Important was the discussion on the ideological and organizational situation of the world socialist movement.

e) The World Conference mobilized our revolutionary optimism. Objectively, the conditions for the socialist revolution are favorable worldwide. Under the current conditions a struggle is necessarily being waged over the leadership of the working-class and mass struggles. The Conference discussed here the interaction of objective and subjective factors for the implementation of the theory of communism into practice.

f) Discussion of the development of the contradictions between the imperialist powers China – USA and the intensified danger of war, which is developing more and more.

g) Discussion of the health crisis and its damaging consequences for the peoples, especially in the colonized and neocolonized countries. The monopolization of vaccines by the imperialist states and the blockade of all efforts to establish an independent health-care system and the production of vaccines (Cuba, Madagascar). In this exceedingly complicated situation several ICOR organizations have risen above themselves.

h) Discussion of the struggle of women and the Third World Women's Conference of Grassroots Women which will take place in Tunisia in 2022. The World Conference underlined the importance of the surging struggles of the masses of women, the driving forces of which are female workers and young women. It strengthened our resolution to develop the revolutionary women's policy and promotion of women higher.

i) Detailed ideological and political debate on the significance of the struggle against imperialism, against colonialism, neocolonialism, colonization and Zionism as well as against all forms of worship of spontaneity, revisionism and reformism.

j) The discussion of the struggle against anticommunism is in the center of interest of the 4th World Conference of ICOR.

k) The discussion of the transition to a global environmental catastrophe and its interaction with the crisis of food and agriculture.


VI. Conclusions for the work of ICOR

In the imperialist world system, in the working-class and mass struggles quick, often unforeseeable changes and also revolutionary developments are to be expected. There are indications of a general societal crisis of the imperialist world system. The material basis of socialism exists!

1. For this we concentrate even in difficult situations like confidential work on building strong revolutionary parties and organizations and support each other with our manifold experiences – in interaction with promoting independent organizations of the workers, women, the youth, and for the further construction of ICOR. Let us win further ICOR members and members for the anti-imperialist united front! Even small organizations can make good use of ICOR for their construction and contribute to the construction of ICOR.

2. ICOR will deepen the educational work on imperialism and the perspective of socialism. We must promote the ideological struggle against anticommunism, reformism, revisionism, racism, fascism, religious radicalism … and for strengthening proletarian ideology internally and in our practical work. For this we can use the opportunities for discussion like seminars, webinars, and develop our website further.

3. ICOR must win the youth! For this we strive to strengthen the youth organizations of our parties and organizations and thus to prepare the youth for the future generation of ICOR and of the worldwide struggle for socialism. ICOR Africa is planning an African youth conference in Nairobi in 2023.

4. ICOR must develop its practical cooperation and coordination higher:

a) The ICOR continents will organize seminars, * for exchanging experiences in party-building, *on theoretical work, * on the understanding and conclusions for the Marxist-Leninist strategy and tactics regarding the changes in the imperialist world system and further issues.

b) International days of commemoration are a good occasion to discuss revolutionary experiences and draw conclusions for today's work and the future.

c) We fight for the imperative construction of the anti-imperialist and antifascist international united front and promote the strengthening of the Youth Platform. At present, the construction of the anti-imperialist united front together with the ILPS has come to a standstill. We think that overcoming this situation is a very important matter for ICOR.

d) To develop our ICOR days of struggle higher we want to exchange experiences of the preparation at webinars. We develop all webinars of ICOR as a lively digital exchange within ICOR and with further forces.

e) ICOR takes the initiative for the strengthening of the revolutionary women's policy in ICOR and prepares a women's meeting of the ICOR in connection with and related to the 3rd World Women's Conference of Grassroots Women.

f) ICOR promotes international working-class coordination, currently for the 3rd International Miners' Conference in 2023, and the world women's process, currently for the 3rd World Women's Conference in Tunisia in 2022. We strive for the World Peasants' Conference in 2023.

g) We boost the visibility of the ICOR website with regular monthly contributions of all member organizations and with video-/picture-/audio-contributions, and build it up as a medium of organizing coordination and cooperation.

h) Beyond the four days of struggle of ICOR we will cooperate practically, as in workers' struggles, and coordinate our activities at different questions of class struggle, for which we unify ideological-politically beforehand, such as for the Palestinian or Kurdish liberation struggle, in the first case for example with a day dedicated to Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

i) We organize ICOR activities and brigades for mutual support at campaigns and conferences, currently also for the environmental day of struggle in Glasgow in November 2021.

j) The solidarity pact between ICOR Africa and ICOR Europe is an example of practical coordination and cooperation, especially in the refugee question.

5. ICOR is in the focus of international secret services. We organize our work while strictly paying attention to security.

6. ICOR puts a major focus on the construction of ICOR in the Middle East/West Asia as a focal point of inter-imperialist competition and at the same time home of continuous liberation struggles and uprisings.


VII. ICOR consolidated its financial independence. We must jointly develop financial work higher by collecting donations among the masses, with projects to generate donations and through a struggle to increase the membership dues for ICOR. The continents want to and will take on responsibility to develop traditional and new financial possibilities. Projects involving arts and crafts, ecological food from small producers, and tourism projects in the spirit of friendship among the peoples offer expandable financial sources. ICOR strives for setting aside funds for special situations as soon as possible.


VIII. Since the 3rd World Conference the ICOR has grown in quantity and particularly regarding quality; it presently has 62 member organizations from 46 countries on all five continents. The good news reached the Conference that “Chinese Communists (MLM)” have applied for membership in ICOR.


IX. The Conference elected a new ICC as well as auditors. Comrade Monika Gärtner-Engel, MLPD, Germany, was elected Main Coordinator and Comrade Sanjay, CPI/ML Red Star, India, was elected Deputy Main Coordinator, both unanimously with one abstention, like the Financial Officer, too.

The Conference made amendments to the Statute concerning the expiring of membership in the ICOR.

As to the training for the ICOR work, the World Conference confirmed the appointment of three younger comrades, male and female, from Africa, Europe and the Middle East/West Asia.


X. Many decisions were taken to develop the work of ICOR higher, particularly on the development of the practical coordination and cooperation and the deepening of the ideological-political work; on the exchange of experience and the planning of the work for the days of struggle; on the continuation of the education campaign of the member organizations among the masses and the discussion about the imperialist world system; on the organization of a one-time day of solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle with previous discussion of common positions and further clarification of the still existing differences, and many more.

ICOR will take “100 years of Lenin's heritage” as an occasion to hold an international theoretical seminar on his pioneering heritage in 2024! Annual country reports of the ICOR member organizations from December 2022 on and further continental and regional seminars serve the mutual information and make it possible to draw creative consequences.

The ICC was also commissioned to raise the effectiveness of ICOR at present-day focal points in class struggle and create further possibilities for the ideological-political debate.


XI. The 4th World Conference passed resolutions among others on the solidarity with political prisoners and persecuted revolutionaries; against the occupation of part of Nepal by India; against the Millenium Challenge Corporation; on solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle; on solidarity with the people's uprising in Tunisia on 25 July; on the call of the international youth against imperialism and fascism; solidarity with George Ibrahim Abdullah; against anticommunism; on the independence of Western Sahara; on the food issue in the world; against the occupation of the Sahel by French imperialism and its allies; on the building of the anti-imperialist and antifascist united front against the right and ultra-right governments in Latin America; against the chauvinist plans of EU imperialism; against the overexploitation of natural raw materials; solidarity with the imprisoned comrades in Shenzen; on the promotion of the self-organization of the refugees and organizational forms of cross-continent solidarity; solidarity with the mass movement of the Indian peasants; for the right to health and education and against the privatization of these sectors; against the Turkish aggression against Rojava.

XII. The Conference was excellently organized by a multilateral organizational staff. With 84 comrades from six countries a new quality of multilateral collaboration was reached.


We are proud of ICOR! And are well-armed, with the necessary great initiative of all member organizations, to become the revolutionary pole of orientation, of practical coordination and cooperation, of the strengthened degree of organization and ideological-political unification.


Forward with ICOR!

Forward with the struggle for liberation, democracy, freedom and socialism!

Forward to socialism and communism!


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