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French troops and their allies get out of Africa!

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by PCT-Togo), October 2021


Since independence, French imperialism has never left Africa. It enforced restrictive contracts with fire and iron, allowing it to maintain its economic and political influence in its former colonies. In most of the countries the situation is characterized by a total control of the strategic and lucrative sectors of the African states, like telecommunication by the group Orange and Alcatel, industry by the group Castel, banks by the groups BNP ParisBas and Société Génerale, crude oil by Total Elf, the hotel sector by the group Accord, IBIS and Novotel, the construction industry by Bouygues and Razel and, last but not least, transportation by the group Bolloré and Air France. In addition there is a perfidious financial mechanism, the Franc CFA, which was introduced after World War II to control the cash flow. This domination of monopolies and the firm grip of France on the wealth of the oppressed peoples of Africa confirms Lenin's analysis that imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism.

To protect its economic interests against its Chinese, Turkish, Indian, American and German rivals, French imperialism has been giving military and political support for 50 years to neocolonial potentates like Paul Biya in Cameroon, Faure Gnassigbe in Togo, the Deby dynasty in Chad, the Bongo family in Gabon, the oligarch Ouattara in the Ivory Coast. It is the loyal support of dictators which is actually behind the strong concentration of military troops and neocolonial forces in the Sahel zone (Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad). Not to forget the military bases in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Djibouti and Togo. In short, the military pseudo-struggle France is presently waging in the Sahel zone against obscure organizations is nothing else but a new deception to obscure the real intention of France and its allies.

Under these circumstances, Africa's popular masses, and especially the working class, have no other choice than to lead a relentless struggle to liberate all regions from plundering and military occupation through France.

For this reason, on the occasion of the 4th World Conference, the communist Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations of the ICOR unanimously support the struggle of the African peoples. Where they do not exist, create militant committees, democratic and anti-imperialist organizations to take up the struggle immediately that all imperialist troops occupying African territories today disappear.

Down with French imperialism and its German, American, Dutch, etc. allies occupying the Sahel territories

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