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ICOR promotes the self-organization of the refugees – worldwide

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by MLPD-Germany), October 2021


In connection with the all-around crisis of the imperialist world system, the international refugee crisis is intensifying. With 87.4 million registered refugees it reached a climax last year. The cause of flight is in essence imperialist policy – imperialist wars like in Afghanistan and Syria, global warming, the lack of water and the destruction of soil fertility like in Northern Africa, hunger, poverty, political repression and exploitation, the destruction of national economies and the lack of prospects for the young generation.


In all imperialist countries the asylum rights and the living conditions of refugees are attacked, the hopes and illusions for a better life destroyed and a policy of discrimination and division is practiced. Thousands are dying on the external borders of the imperialist countries.


Increasingly, initiatives and resistance are emerging against these politics – like among the 42,000 refugees in Lesbos/Greece, the circle of friends “solidarity with refugees” in Germany, or the rebellion of refugees in Lipa/Bosnia.


The politics of the NGOs are intended to tone down and cover up the brutality of the imperialist refugee policy a little. In many poorer and oppressed countries, the insight is growing that individual flight does not mean a societal solution, but that a worldwide struggle against the flight causes is necessary.


For the ICOR organizations and revolutionaries all over the world, there are no first-, second-, or third-class human beings. It is their task to support the refugees to organize themselves – and train and organize them – also as a reserve for the struggle in their countries, or with the option even that maybe later on the refugees will return to their countries and advance class struggle and party building there. Therefore in the years ahead, the ICOR organizations commit themselves, together with the self-run organizations of refugees, to build organizational forms in which solidarity beyond the borders of continents can be established between activists in the countries, from which they flee and to which they flee.


We demand:

  • Fight against the imperialist causes of flight in support of and respect for the revolutionary organizations which are strongly affected by this.

  • The right to flee and the right of asylum for all who fled because of war, oppression and inhuman living conditions – except for fascists.

  • Fight against racism and against division because of ethnic origin, color of skin and religion.

  • Promotion of the self-organization of refugees, also on the international level.

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