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International Women‘s Day – Seminar in Tunesia

PPDS Tunisia, 8 March 2021

On March the 8th, PPDS Tunisia chose to celebrate the International women‘s day by the declaration of the women's committee Latifa Tamallah.

The declaration took place during a seminar on march the 8th where women‘s committee leaders took the floor on behalf the party and the committee and stressed the importance of march the 8th and the necessity to continue the women's struggle worldwide especially in the arab world to fight islamism, radicalism and anti-women's freedoms ideologies.

Then Mrs Kalthoum Kanou, a lawyer and human rights and women's rights took the floor to speak about Law 58 which incriminates violence against women and stressed the importance of the struggle of women and the necessity of strenthening women inside left parties and fronts.

The seminar witnessed also a very important contribution by comrade Halinka from the Netherlands who talked on behalf of the world women's conference and congratulated PPDS for the foundation of the women's committee and stressed the importance of women's struggle everywhere in the world and the commitment to build a new revolutionary women's movement.

The women's committee of PPDS took its name after Latifa Tamalaah a historical leader of youth and women struggle of communists in Tunisia who died in 2012 during a meeting of KIFAH after long hard work in building the party's structures.

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