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Let's fight EU imperialism and its chauvinism!

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by MLPD-Germany, KOL-Luxemburg), October 2021

The ICOR condemns the chauvinist plans of EU imperialism for further armament and militarization of the EU towards an EU army. This increases the danger of war worldwide.

The EU is in a deep crisis. With the Brexit it has been weakened especially also militarily. Neither France nor Germany can realize their Great Power-plans alone, but they need the EU for that. Within the EU itself again there are numerous unsolved contradictions. Accelerated since the founding of the AUKUS alliance at the expense of the French arms industry and the failure of the mission in Afghanistan they can no longer rely on their NATO partners. The dual tactics to keep the doors open to the USA and to Russia and China is being questioned. President Macron of France already called it brain-dead.

The workers of Airbus corporation – the heart of the military-industrial complex in the EU – play an important role.

Let us organize a Europe-wide militant peace movement against the plans for an independent EU war policy. Let us practice solidarity with the workers and the broad masses in the countries exploited by EU imperialism. No peace with EU imperialism!




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