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May Day in Chelyabinsk: illegal rally and posting of revolutionary posters

Chelyabinsk cell of the Russian Maoist party (RMP), 1 May 2021
The communists in Chelyabinsk were not frightened by the ban on May Day 'due to coronavirus'. We and our allies gave an organized and rather effective response to that. Perhaps it was the best thing that could have been done today in these horribly anti-democratic conditions.
Firstly, various events were held in the city today, which were attended by quite a lot of people. Here we cannot go into too much detail. But let us note that at one of them our comrades made speeches about the importance of international solidarity and the departure from Russia-centrism (in other words, revisionism) to international Marxism-Leninism (Maoism), about the problems of youth and the importance of protecting democracy, about the importance of workers' solidarity in the struggle against the bosses. In total, about 70% of the speakers were young people, which makes us very happy.
Also, supporting the spontaneous speech of one aged comrade about the need to analyse the mistakes of the Soviet Union, one of ours invited everyone who was present to our study circle of modern Marxism. In general, during the day, we called many people to come to this study circle to study the work of W. Dikhut "Restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union". This inspires confidence - the victory over Russian revisionism is not far off.
After the mass events, we actively distributed our brochures today, and after that we posted posters on the walls.
The main thing was that the city administration failed to shut us up. They were not able to interfere with our plans today. We were all day from early morning until evening with the people on the street, promoting the ideas of the proletarian revolution and socialism, defending the international solidarity of all workers and democratic rights - to meetings, speech, associations, against the political repressions in Russia.

Chelyabinsk cell of the Russian Maoist party (RMP)

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