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Note of clarification on the impediment of distribution of our leaflet in Colombian People Solidarity Manifestation, in Porto

UMLP União Marxista-Leninista Portuguesa (Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Union), Portugal, 25th May, 2021


As we represent a consistent internationalism and fight for an Internacional Anti-imperialist and Anti-fascist United Front, UMLP was present, on May 22, in the world campaign in solidarity with the Colombian people, #SoSColombia, an event that should mobilize the masses to strengthen ties of solidarity. However, when we distributed ICOR resolution to the initiative's elements, we were confronted by anti-communist discrimination given "the fact that we are communists and fight with the Communist Party of Colombia - Maoist, ICOR member", which was unknown to them. Faced with the argument that our organisation could create embarrassment and problems with the police - (something incomprehensible to us) - we were barred from distributing the leaflet in that place.

True internationalism is indivisible!

After the event, we realized that it ended up with the presence and intervention of revisionists who collaborate with the bourgeoisie, in the line of right-wing opportunism, like Ilda Figueiredo, from PCP, who, during the solidarity action with Palestine, on May 17th in Porto city, stormed against our comrade, in a clear intimidation, trying to obstruct us from distributing the leaflet there. The same attitude she had repeated years ago on May 1st, in Porto, intimidating and rejecting the leaflet from the hands of the same comrade, a worker and trade union leader, with the justification of a demonstration "free of ideology", wanting to overcome borders between left and right, in a clear demonstration of class conciliation, which in truth only serves the influence of reactionaries and preserves capitalism. For PCP, which calls itself communist to deceive the workers because they betrayed communism long ago, collaboration with the capitalist state is more important than solidarity between workers.

For fear that the youth and the masses will take our line, since ICOR and we UMLP represent the revolutionary path, the consistent critique of capitalism and the perspective of true socialism, the reformist liquidationist forces with anti-communist leadership structures resort to anti-democratic methods. By intimidating us, they want to steer and disarm the movement towards paths conforming to capitalism, significantly weakening the solidarity movement. The right to be organised, to agitate and to appear publicly as an organisation was hardly won by our ancestors, we defend those rights!

We do not claim special rights, but the organisers who ban flags or leaflets by applying particularly anti-democratic measures, should reflect on what they consider democracy to be.

The struggle in Colombia is currently one of the most advanced in the world. These experiences are a classic example of the more difficult times to come for the workers and oppressed in the world, where similar developments can be expected in many countries. This is why the world revolutionary organisation ICOR and the UMLP do their duty. Solidarity is a basic concept in the workers' movement and as Marxist-Leninists nobody stops us in supporting the oppressed workers and peoples, we will always be present in the struggle, we will not hide and we will never be silenced.

Taking the words of Karl Marx we say: "Citizens, let us think of the basic principle of the International: Solidarity. Only when we have established this life-giving principle on a sound basis among the numerous workers of all countries will we attain the great final goal which we have set ourselves.

World solidarity with the struggle of the Colombian people for freedom, democracy and socialism, for national and social liberation!

The peoples of Palestine and Colombia are brothers and sisters in the struggle for freedom. Down with imperialism! Forward with the United Socialist States of the World!

True internationalism is indivisible! We say no to anti-communism!

Proletarians of all countries and oppressed peoples, Unite!

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