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Offensively against anti-communism!

Resolution of the 4th ICOR World Conference (initiated by MLPD-Germany), October 2021


The 4th ICOR World Conference adopts a position for offensive struggle against anticommunism as political, ideological and organizational fighting method of capitalism/imperialism against Marxism-Leninism and the revolutionaries. Anticommunism is a reactionary line of defense of capitalism by which it tries to justify its crisis-ridden mode of existence. This includes reprisals like pogroms, arrests, persecutions up to murder, but also ideological attacks like defamation, character assassinations and slander. Anticommunism is a core of fascism regarding world outlook. Sometimes anticommunism disguises itself and hides behind the defamation of revolutionaries as terrorists or even claims to be “free of ideology”. In order to lead the working-class and mass struggles to the struggle for socialism and develop it higher, all over the world the consciousness of that must be promoted, to come to terms with all forms of anticommunism. This challenges our ideological-political power of persuasion, to give answers to the search of more and more people for an alternative societal form to capitalism, for socialism/communism. If we do not succeed in that anticommunism is an essential obstacle which contributes to the confusion and insecurity of the masses and prevents them from getting organized. If we offensively fight anticommunism in its different variants, we can achieve victories.

We say: Offensively against anticommunism!

We say: No to fascistization as most brutal form of anticommunism!

We say: Don't give anticommunism a chance!

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