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Paris Commune is Eternal

Anti-Imperialist Anti-US People’s Front (AIPF) Korea, 27 March 2021


The proletarian regime, which first appeared in the history of mankind 150 years ago, opened a new world of popular sovereignty by taking a fatal blow to capitalist society. The unjustice war accelerates the crisis of the bourgeois system and creates a new history for the workers and the people, who set out to become the masters of their own destiny.

We are well aware that the experience of the Paris Commune marked in the history of humanity as becoming the masters of the regime and of the means of production, which created a community of liberation and equality, was brilliantly inherited by the victory of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and with various forms of worker and people centered policies.

Due to the limitations of leadership and the power of unity and the error of strategy and tactics, although Paris Commune warriors were stopped advancing, the red flag flying over the Paris Commune has been shining as an eternal symbol of the proletarian revolution. The indomitable South Corean workers and the people set up the “Gwangju Commune” in an armed uprising in 1980 and made a major breakthrough in the military fascist rule that was subordinate to US imperialism.

The heroic spirit of sacrifice of the workers and people of Gwangju was inherited by the people's uprising in 1987 which finally put an end to the fascist military regime and pioneered a transitional phase in the history of the revolution of workers and peoples.

The history of the revolution of Paris Commune and “Gwangju Commune” gives a revolutionary conviction that the workers and the people who are awakened and united will eventually achieve the final victory, even if they go through a temporary twists and turns.

The Paris Commune will live forever in the hearts of struggling workers and the people.


Long live the Paris Commune!

Long live internationalism!


27th of March, 2021

Anti-Imperialist Anti-US People’s Front (AIPF)

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