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Statement on the international situation

Contributio to the 4th ICOR World Conference, Organización Apoyante del PCM de ideología MLM (FMIN), Mexico, October 2021


Since the beginning of the 20th century the world is divided up among the imperialist powers, “so that in the future only redivision is possible, i.e., territories can only pass from one “owner” to another, instead of passing as ownerless territory to an “owner”1, as Lenin insistently emphasized. This led to two world wars. And as Lenin stated, it is an agonistic and parasitic system. And Marx noted the inevitable character of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, both of which are major causes of imperialist wars.

At present, the USA and China are fighting for world domination The USA is the main warmonger and is preparing war to defend its weakened hegemony, while China is preparing its rise to hegemony and is trying to expand its defense and diplomacy and forge new strategic alliances. This conflict reflects the development of bipolarity between the United States and China, two poles backed by other powers and nations, mainly European, including Japan and Russia.

In this context, French President Emmanuel Macron2 expressed three strategic assessments with a strategic geopolitical vision: 1) that "we are witnessing the end of Western hegemony in the world," 2) that "the world is now grouped around two major poles, the USA. and China," and that "his country and Europe should develop as powers in balance" without backing the USA or China, and 3) that "pushing Russia out of Europe is a profound strategic mistake."

On the one hand, the current world situation confirms that the crisis cannot be solved in capitalism and that unproductive, parasitic and speculative finance capital will increase. On the other hand, the unbridled competition to conquer new markets and new investment facilities with the highest profit margins intensifies the inter-imperialist contradictions. This leads to enormous investments in armaments, to the expansion of military bases (including the domination of outer space) to strengthen their position, further to trade and cyber wars, to threats of various kinds, to diplomatic actions, protectionist measures and oder procedings. This situation shows the development of bipolarity between the USA and China in the struggle for world domination and the preparation of a Third World War altogether.

Today, as they prepare a predatory war for a redivision of the world, we affirm that US imperialism is trying to extend Latin America as its backyard in its struggle with China, which has penetrated into our continent and has already become its main trading partner.

Thus, the imperialist powers, especially the USA and China, are preparing a Third World War, with which they not only want to consolidate or obtain hegemony, but also maintain and impose exploitation throughout the world, a sinister goal that we condemn and against which we fight, calling on the revolutionaries, democrats and peoples of the world to fight against these plans, to prevent them and to encounter the imperialist predatory war with the socialist revolution.

Organización Apoyante del PCM de ideología MLM (FMIN)

(Supporters organization of the PCM with MLM ideology [FMIN])

1V. I. Lenin, „Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism,“ Collected Works, Vol. 22, p. 254

2Source: France24, 27 August 2019


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