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The weekend before and after March 8 was very eventful

The comrades from MLGS (Marxist-Leninist Group of Switzerland) write about 8 March in Switzerland


On March 6, despite a ban on demonstrations, a demonstration with 1000 women took place in Zurich. With water cannons, in full gear, the police beat at the place of assembly. One woman was beaten and kicked with 20 punches on the ground. Women who rushed to help were chased away with tear gas. Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office has to investigate the police. 1,2,3- give the street free and off they went. Suddenly the women came from everywhere and spread out in the neighborhood.

One of them said afterwards: "And all the fuss over a few women, that was just another power play". This is an enormous underestimation, because the women went through the streets with slogans of "feminism, communism", the rulers are afraid of this ever growing women's movement. In the Corona crisis, it is also women, for example from the care professions, who have increasingly identified capitalism as the main cause of all the misery.

On Sunday, a referendum was held on the issue of "burqa ban". There are about 20 women a year who go veiled through tourist places. So it can't be about the problem at all, once again women's rights were used to enforce reactionary laws. Some women voted for it, we also think it is a part of oppression for these women. But certainly we will not, with a ban from Switzerland, support them in your rights.

It was rather about the division of the working people, and in the core about a veiling ban. Well, who still veils himself in such a way? That brings us to the beginning of the article.

1,2,3 and four - a future in socialism. That is what we want.

(translated with deepL)


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